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Am just curious as to whether you can get new blue books. These aer the ones that you write information in for immunisation, weight and check ups etc. I had my nappy bag stolen 2 weeks ago and in the bag was my two kids blue books, and as yet, there has been no trace of them being handed in to police. Am curious as to whether you get new ones or whether they aren't overally important and you can just have check ups and immunisation without them?


hi im not sure where your from but i do know that they can be different colours in different states. and just for the record i have no idea why i just wrote that!
but yes i think you can get new ones from your child, youth and health nurse. you can also get copies of your kids immunisations from your dr. you dont need your books for your kiddies to have their needles, i was alsways forgetting mine!!
hope this helps!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Check with your health nurse/local Gp. Or get in contact withthe Aust.Childhood Immunisation Register. Or even the Immunisation healthline on 1800 671 811.
It's a shame they stole your nappy bag as really there is nothing worthwhile (there isn't in mine anyway) inthem, it's more a pain in the butt for you.
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