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hi all, this has nothing to do with babies, but im very confused at the moment...

we are renting a house in perth. our lease expires on august 1st 2006. the owner is planning to increase the rent at the end of the lease. i was under the impression that he needed to give us 60 days notice if he intends on increasing the rent. when i asked the real estate agent, she said that we would only get 30 days notice "because thats how they do it"....

does anyone know for sure if its 60 or 30 days? or where i could find out?

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i think it is 30 days.

i know our house that we rent out our tenants have decided to leave and only had to give 21 days notice.
Hi, did a little looking up for you as was curious myself. Anyway I found this and it might help you. This is an excerpt (sp?) from the consumer affairs page.

If the tenancy agreement is a fixed term agreement the landlord or agent cannot increase the rent before the end date, unless the agreement states otherwise.
In any case, a landlord or agent must not increase the rent payable under a tenancy agreement more than once in amy 6 month period.
The landlord or agent must give the tennant at least 60 days notice of any rent increase using the 'Notice of Rent Increase to Tenant/s of Rented Premises' form.

The way I read this is that the owner is in his rights to increase the rent, as you will be entering into a new contract after the 1st August. However I think that the agent should be giving you one of those forms soon, as 60 days isnt far from the 1st Aug! Try going to the consumer affairs page, there is a list of email addys that you can send this query to and they should be able to give you the right answer.
Good luck!

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OK, I just rang my local department for you and asked them!
Because you are entering into a new lease they do not have to give you any paperwork informing you of a rental increase. If the old lease stood, yes, they do have to give you 60 days notice in writing. At least they have let you know that they are planning on increasing it before you get to the end of your lease, just in case you want to move!

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