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wont sleep in pram Lock Rss

hi my ds is nearly one and from day one he has never slept in his pram does anyone else have this problem.
i just went to the shops and had to come home as ds wouldnt stop crying coz he woz tired it makes it very hard wen u have jobs that u need to do..
my DS was like that for a while. i used to dread going anywhere that he'd need to sleep in his pram. one day i was at spotlight, and saw some wraps. DS was crying because he was sooooo tired, so i got one out of the packet (i did pay for it after) and wrapped him (i dont usually wrap him). he was asleep instantly. it was like magic. now, its the only way he will sleep in the pram, but if he's at home, he wont be wrapped. strange huh

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

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