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I have been reading everything i can on news lately, Sorry for all the news posts... I just want everyone to know.... Sorry if you know...

Some babies' dummies fail safety tests

Several babies' dummies sold in Australia fail to meet basic safety requirements, a consumer magazine says, fuelling calls for mandatory safety standards.

Choice magazine says six of the 12 dummies tested against the Australian standard failed the examination.

"As a parent, you can't tell if a dummy is safe just by looking at it in the supermarket," said Choice chief executive Peter Kell.

"We've had parents contact us with incidents where their baby has suffered considerable distress after getting the whole dummy into their mouth."

Four of the dummies tested - the Mam Orthodontic, Nuk Latex Soother, Nuk Silicone Soother and the Pigeon Silicone Pacifier - failed a shield dimension test, which examines the protective plastic disc attached to the rubber or silicone nipple the baby sucks on.

The test found all four had shields which were too small and not rigid enough.

The Tommee Tippee Latex Orthodontic Comforter was deemed to have breathing holes which were too small, while the same brand's Super Soft Comforter model failed a protruding components test, which means a baby could be injured if it fell while a dummy was in its mouth.

Mr Kell said that tests undertaken by manufacturers may well be outdated and no longer conform to the industry standard.

The Australian Standard for babies' dummies needed to become mandatory, he said.

"Variations between batches could account for the difference between our test results and those of the manufacturers, especially when their tests were conducted between one and five years ago," said Mr Kell.

"These problems also demonstrate that the standard needs to be monitored and enforced."

Tommee Tippee distributors have asked their suppliers to investigate the findings, which have subsequently been forwarded to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Choice said.

Comment was being sought from manufacturers.

Hi Zayne's mumma,

Don't be sorry!

It's great I think as sometimes i miss the news and who has time to read a newspaper very often!

I think the threads you have posted recently have been great and very informative, I know I went through and read which dummies so I know it's not what I have ready to offer my newborn in a few weeks.


Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

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