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im about to have my baby shower and the girls would like a list of things to buy. ive named a few things like nappies and clothes etc but i dont want them to feel they have to buy expensive items. could i have some ideas on what to put on my list

1st baby due start of sep

hi there

i loved and needed all the things i got at my baby shower, most were inexpensive.
u can never get enough wipes and nappies, i got things like baby bath soap and nice towels, bunny rugs, clothes, some baby toys, i got baby powder that i have never used, i also got things like cot sheets and 1 friend also gave me a little book to keep and everytme a special occasion in dd life and had a gathering of somesort ie birthdays people could rite special notes in it 4 her to read when she is older and we started writting in it at the baby shower, i thought this was a great thought. another thing you could do is when you are out at the shops in suppermarket or department stores look 4 things that you think you and bub would like and need and include them on the list.

hope this helps

steph n alexis 15mths

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

baby wipes, sippy cup, bottles (even if you breastfeed at least one bottle for when you go out is useful), washing powder (don't roll your eyes or laugh, my washing seriously doubled after the birth of my first baby), rattle. Just a trip down the baby aisle at the supermarket gives heaps of ideas.

Toiletries for bubs, wraps, a house cleaner gift certificate or a gift voucher for a baby shop.

I agree with you as I felt really uncomfortable when I got married and we did a gift registry, most items we picked were under $30.

I think it depends on your philosophy, if they want to spend more then they can pick a few things off your list.

This worked for us!
Good luck and enjoy the day of pampering.


Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

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