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Bathing Alone Lock Rss

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My DD is 3 & DS is 16mths, I'm always in the bathroom with them until it's time for DS to get out & dressed. I leave DD in bath & she packs up toys & pulls plug then gets herself out & comes to the lounge to get dry & dressed. She often gets out just after DS whilst I'm still there, but sometimes wants a longer bath.

I never left her alone in the bath until DS came along & until she was able to communicate with me & understand bath safety. She sings when she's in there alone, & knows she has to so I can hear that her head is above water.

I think it's a personal choice on when you feel ready to leave them in there alone, & like I said, I only did it when my son came along as I couldn't dry & dress him in the bathroom. Other than that I had no need to leave her in there alone.

On saying this, DS will most likely not be left alone in the bath at that same age, as he's not quite as placid as my daughter in the bath IYKWIM! (It's like an atomic bomb has gone off after he gets out!)

Many people will have their thoughts on this subject, but it's a personal choice thing (as with most things relating to YOUR child!!)
hi there

i have a step son 4yo and he has a bath everynite with alexis and i feel safe enough to leave the 2 of them in the bath together as i know that if alexis does slip or have any trouble he will help her and will also call out to let us know and i also check regularly 4 peace of mind. i never fill bath up so much that any serious trouble can occur in the first place.

steph n alexis 15mths

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

My DD#1 was almost 3 when i started letting her bathe by herself she is almost 5 and i still worry(she likes to jump around) she has to make noise all the time when she is in the bath or shower I'm such a worry wort. lol
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