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I was watching sunrise this morning and they mentioned that %20 of pregant women are smoking and that their babies once born will have a 3 to 4 higher chance of dying of SIDS

A sister of my friend is about 15 weeks along and is smoking like a chimney,i have lectured her many times and my partner even gave her a good lecture which made her go very quite

she also drinks alot of energy drinks through out the day
she is 19 and so sure that her baby will be fine
i am so very worried about her unborn baby
i was only 19 when pregnant but never smoked or drank and ate very healthy

what can we do?!?!

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi, I know i personally don't smoke and i don't let people smoke around me or my 14 mth old. I am pregnant due in sept 3. I have never understood how people can smoke but it is there choice but i do feel for the baby. It is hard enough being pregnant without smoking and being out of breath alot , i am this time round more weight i suppose but hey. It is there health and there babies there is enough info out there about not smoking so personally this maybe harsh but if you choose too you live with the outcome in yrs to come and it is your own fault. No offence to anyone who does smoke. Is it that hard to quit? seriously asking too..

dd 4/4/05 2nd due 3/9/2006
I was a smoker and stopped the minute I found out I was pregnant. It was not hard to do because I knew it would be best for my son in the long run. I do however know people who have smoked right through their pregnancies and there have been no issues with the babies. I have heard though smoking while pregnant increases the chance of the baby have a cleft lip and also it could lead to behavioural issues with the child as it gets older. Could just be myths but I was not taking any chances. Plus I just felt it was not fare on my unborn son to smoke since he did not get a say in the matter. I also gave up drinking while I was pregnant as well.

In the end each to there own and it is the individual’s choice, but it is not a good look.

Beck, Vic

Hi, I had a friend who smoked really heavily all the way through her pregnancy. She just didn't want to stop. She ended up having to be induced and her baby was just over 6lbs.

Her daughter is now 5 and has a lot of health problems. She gets bad asthma, chest infections nearly every time she gets a cold.
Her mum just says' oh well I'll know for next time.'

Unfortunately there is just nothing we can do to stop them from smoking apart from telling them its in baby's best interest not to smoke.

Another friend smoked while pregnant as she wanted a smaller baby and didn't want to put on alot of weight. Her baby was 5lbs 6ozs and again has asthma and chronic ear infections.

Maybe you could tell her some of the illnesses that baby could end up with due to her smoking.

Mum to two healthy girls.
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