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  5. did anyone watch the final blue heelers??

did anyone watch the final blue heelers?? Lock Rss

hi i was just wondering if anyone watched the final blue heelers on sunday night? what did you all think of the end and what happend? did you all like the final episode?
it was good seeing at the end the flash back with all old characters.
it was kinda sad knowing this would be the last show! i have watched it from th start good to hear from feed back of what you all thought and who you fav characters have been? mine are pj maggie nick jack and dash but kellie and joss were pretty funny together smile

tanya,vic thomas 17/06/05 and EDD 6/12/2007 eìí?

Hi there,

I watched half of it and then taped the end and hubby and I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I will come back and write what I thought once I have watched it smile

I better not come back b4 I watch it though cos others might have written what they liked and disliked and then I will already know

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