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Hi, well about 5 weeks ago my 2 year daughter became ill with high temps. we pressumed it was her teeth c)oming through. Then after day 3, her temps were still high so we went to the doctors. dr checked her all over everything seemed fine, so he said just a virus. That night her temps dropped to 32. (this is with using an underarm thermometer) so we took her to the hospital, dr wasn't sure what was going on, because she looked to well to have a bacteria infection to do any tests (which he said will cause a drop in temp) so they wrapped her in heated blanketts and after awhile of waiting her temp came back up and we were sent home. This happened for the next 4 days with her temp dropping. Then everything cleared up. Then one week later she became ill again with bad vomitting but no temp. She vomitted that much on the first night that she couldn't stand up in the end so we took her back to the hospital. They checked her and said she was just tired and take her home to bad. the vomitting continued for another 5 days and took her back to drs every second day but they could not find a reason for the vomitting. then it stoped but she didn't eat for another 3 days after that. She got better and now she has come down with high temps again and with panadol it is not coming down.
Has anyone had anything like this, do you think the drs could be missing something as it feels as though it has been the same thing going on for 5 weeks on and off and we are at a loss on what to do because we don't seem to get any answers from the drs.
Thanks for your time.
Oh Liz, my heart goes out to you. There is nothing more distressing then watching yur child being so ill and not being able to help. If I were you I would continue to listen to your instincts and keep taking her back to the Doctors and insist that they keep looking for a cause. Even if it does turn out to be 'just a virus' you will never have any regrets for not listening to your instincts. I know it can be hard with doctors but stand your ground!

I wish you and your daughter all the best.


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