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Please tell me what you are angry or upset about.

One day at a time

Im not in a very happy mood today. It started at about 3AM when hubby got up to go to work.
Like the good wife i am i lay all his work things out before i go to bed well he came in & woke me up to ask where his flask was (i mean hello look on the sink where it has been put every night for the last 6 months).
Then just as i was going back to sleep he came back in to ask me if i needed anything from the shop before he went to work (remember this is now about 3.30AM). Then to top it all off he came back in & woke me a 4.30 to ask me to have our baby on his due date cause hubby has just realised that our baby is due on Fathersday( Sept 3rd)So needless to say i have now been up since about 4.30 thismorning & still have to run the house with a 3 & 2 year old all day....... not a happy mummy!!!! sad
im angry at the moment as im out of fruit

im like a chocaholic
i actually shake and get miserable just thinking about it

when DD wakes from nap we're off to the supermarket for some munchies



Lillie....1 year old!!!

im feeling really miserable cos my gprgeous 5mth baby girl just wont stop this crazy day catnapping i just cant gget her into a proper routine this way its dvg me beyond crazy and we have all been sick with colds and my 3 yr old son just wants me all the time i never get any sleep my hubby wks away and no ine else ever comes to help.i have had wee girl gets so grumpy from being overtired shes in bed asleep by 515 then she wakes up at least twice in nite for a feed but since shes been sick has been more like 4-5 times and my son was only really sick with a virus 2 wks ago and hes sick sure i only average about 3-4 hrs sleep a nite. and thats broken.somedays i feel to depressed i just cry but everyone thinks i manage great and that im such a calm person(if only they saw the real me at home when on my own)my son dves me crazy hes agood boy but still atypical child i get so angry at him when i really dont mean it and the viscous cycle keeps going.somedays i wonder why did i have a kidseven though they are my whole life and love then beyond anything.i have virtually raised my son on my own and seems to be same with my wee mil thinks i cope and shes to busy for us anyway.i have no fanily is a crap day and im sure i dont feel like this all the time i am a funloving person .as im sitting here im waiting to see if she wakes up at the 40 min mk as she almost always does ahrd to spend time getiing her back for more sleep when my son keeps comin in the room or just yelling out wanting me.ok enough said hopefully tomoro will be a better day at least my hubby arrives home on fri nite .cant wait.thanks guys for listening i just get so very frustrated and cant hold my anger so sleep deprived dont knoe if im comin or going.

shell 4yr old & 16mth


Im upset because im 5 days off having my baby and I haven't been getting any signs of labour, just the occassional kick. Begening to think Il go past my due date! I just want baby out now!!

Im also upset because I wanted my partner at the birth but doubt he'll be there and my mum is unwell so i dunno how long she'll be able to stay in with me, I dont have anyone else to come with me. Pretty daunting.

Lastly Im upset because I have terrible toothache but can't see a dentist till after bubby is born, so im a bit irritable atm.

That feels a bit better, you're so cleaver to make a post up for people to vent! Thank you smile

Bec xo

Went along to a citizenship ceremony with my mum. She received her citizenship today... anyway, it was a ceremony that nearly took 2 hours (if I knew it would take that long... I might have thought twice about going... esp with bubs).

Anyway, the MC guy said that it is great to have families and kids there and not too worry too much if they are noisy as it's a family event etc... so I didn't worry too much about Brayden making noise. He was a tad noisy but not continuously...

Anyway, just after the speech about tolerance and how we live in a 'tolerant' country - this woman (who was also receiving her citizenship) came and told my mum that my kid was being too noisy and to take him out!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it when mum told me... mum just ignored her but what a b*#ch!!!

I felt like going over and telling her where to shove what she had to say... of course... I didn't get the chance as she avoided me... must have see the evil glares I was giving her... the funny thing is that another toddler started to make more noise and he was sitting right behind her...

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent!!!

I always wonder if I was like that lady before I had a baby... I hope not!!!

Bye for now.

Hi, i really like this idea!

I am going to vent because my stupid bloody AF showed up this morning. We are desparatley TTC after losing our first bubs in March, and i really hate that dam AF!!! I wish i had a magic wand i could just wave to make me preggers. I desparately want babies and im scared its never going to happen!

Thankyou for listening! This is a really good idea, cos i do feel better now. Thankyou

I hate LIARS! I hate people who are compulsive with it and make me feel like I am loosing the plot trying to keep atop of their lies!!
I esecially hate when these people are meant to be friends...GRRR

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

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