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See your cute bub in a Calender!! Lock Rss

Hi Proud mums & dads,
The is a comp at the moment where you just have to email a couple pics of your cute bub to the organizer of the comp (Kat Print Creations) [email protected]
and if your child is chosen, they will appear in their 2007 baby calender!
I have entered my lil' daughter and she has been chosen (YAY!) They need a few more entries before they can go ahead with it.
There is no charge to enter, just email the pics with your details and any questions you may have and you will soon get a reply from them.
Just thought to let you all know

I checked out the website & this is only for Vic babies.. sad
Hi, thanks so much. I entered my little boy and just got an email saying he has been accepted! How exciting, thanks again!

Hi guys,
Congrats that your bubs got accepted. I bet they are all gorgeous!
I just sent a photo of Logan through.
Fingers crossed that he gets accepted!
Thanks for the info!

Justine, Vic, Logan 22nd July 2005 @ 33 weeks

I sent in pics of my 3 (mainy funny ones) and got accepted- dunno which ones though.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

Logan got accepted aswell.
The email said that they have extended the deadline because they don't have enough bubs yet!

Justine, Vic, Logan 22nd July 2005 @ 33 weeks

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