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jo jo's circus (playhouse disney) Lock Rss

just wondering whether anyone else's little toddler loves jojo? my man loves the show but i can't find it anywhwere in aus!
any ideas would be appreciated.
My daughter also loves jo jo, but i dont think you can buy much in australia. If you look at the international sellers on ebay they have a pretty big range of stuff i think.
Hope that helps.

Emma 25, DD1 5/7/04, DD2 18/2/06

Bennett loves JoJo too - he's also right into PB&J Otter. We love doing the noodle dance
and dont even ask me how much money i have spent on overseas BOOHBAH products lol not as much as I did with pre kmart and target dora though!!! smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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