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buying a star Lock Rss

ok after much thought i think i have decided that im going to buy jackson a star 4 his 1st birthday something different that he can keep.ive done a little looking on the net and there a few to choose from i dont want to get ripped off so can anyone give me any tips on who to go with ?
I have no idea about how to go about it but what a great 1st birthday present. Maybe try googling it and see if you can find some thing that way.

they have a star naming thing where u get a cert., or a framed map and plaque thing sounds interesting package prices vary

*expecting no.4 in November*

The star naming thing is a scam jacksonsmummy, i just did a quick google search using the terms "star, names, scams" and came up with a heap of pages, apparently the only place that can actually name stars is the International Astronomical Union.

Good luck with the gift ideas.

have had alook because this is a fantastic idea, came accross this site they have them starting from $30, but it does sound like a rip off and they dont seem to be registered offical names
but here t'is anyway. ]

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