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I have recently adopted a baby girl she arrived on the 2nd June. For the first few days she was sleeping, feeding etc but as of Wednesday she started screaming when i put her down to sleep. This goes on for hours, she is sleeping 2- 3 hours through the day and if im lucky i can usually get her to sleep by about eleven pm and then she hasnt been sleeping for any longer than two hours at a time. I took her to a doctor on Friday he assured me there was nothing wrong with her and it was somethign i was doing wrong.

My husband is away at the moment and i dont have any family close by.

I was hoping someone here could maybe offer some advise

Lilli May born February 3rd 2006

Dear Kalibo,

First of all, congratulations on the arrival of your daughter to your family.

May I say that I think it is terrible that your doctor says her lack of sleep etc is a result of something you uare doing wrong. I don't believe that for a second. With every baby/parent there is a learning process. There could be any number of reasons she is not sleeping. Colic, reflux, sore back (my brother had a dislocated something in his back when he was born and wouldn't settle. Mum took him to the Dr who said he was fine. The maternal child and health nurse said no there is a problem and referred him to a chriopracter. One session to fix the dislocation and he was right as rain). I would urge you to discuss what is happening with your Maternal and Child Health Nurse. She may have many suggestions. Also, sleep clinic may be an option. (Some are day sessions, some are overnight).

I know it is harder for you as your husband is away. You are probably exhausted. I hope he comes home soon. When he does, it is important that you get some time for yourself. Even if it is just an hour a night to have a long soak in the bath, or read a book in bed.

Sending you a big hug.


If I was you I would find a new Dr. I think it is terrible what your Dr said to you.
The first think I think of when I here of a baby screaming that much is reflux.(both my 2 suffered from reflux) Even if you little girl is not actualy vomiting up feeds she could still suffer from silent reflux. this is when the milk comes up but not all the way out the mouth.
The other thing that my Dr tested for when my babies were screaming all the time was a urine infection.
I would get a second opinion from either a child health nurse or an other Dr.
Hope things get sorted out soon
Hi Kalibo..big congrats on your little girl.
Ok have you any idea on what her life was like before you...she maybe having a little time to re-adjust into a new place and family.
One of my boys went from going to bed like a dream to screaming so loud that he could peel the paint off the wall, Have you learnt any settling techniques. This happened when he was about 4 months old. I learnt some settling techniques and that helped immensely.There is a sleep expert on the huggies site, post her your question and I am sure she will get you moving in the right direction, the other areas to investigate is as someone else mentioned, go to another Dr and find out if therte is anything wrong or out of whack. I use a osteopath with my boys and they do a great job in making sure that all is right with them.
Or another option is sleep school...I have been there with my 2 to sort out the night sleeps. Absolutely fantastic experiance. I learnt so much, not just about sleeping, but about EVERYTHING to do with bubs in gerneral.
Hope she settles down soon.


first of all, congratulations on the adoption of your baby girl smile im sure she is just perfect.
now, i am positive it is not something you are doing wrong. i agree with the others to get a second opinion. cut yourself some slack! maybe try raising one end of her cot? if she has reflux, this may help a little. theres not much else i can say, but dont blame yourself! im sure you are doing a great job smile

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

well she is asleep woohoo. I still have no idea whats wrong with her but discovered in the wee hours of this morning she loves the hammock and after 15- 20 minutes in it she is sound alseep. I do realise this is a short term fix but at the moment im just glad for the quiet.

thanks for your suggestions etc.

oh and i live in Spring Hill, Brisbane

Lilli May born February 3rd 2006

Hubby should be home mid July but if not hopefully eary August.

My Brother In law is flying up for a few days next week. He is 20 and terrible with kids but the adult company should be good.

She seems to have settled down a lot in the last day or so and is actually asleep at the moment.

Lilli May born February 3rd 2006

I was informed when I first got married that I may never be able to have my own children. So my husband and I began to look into adoption we were told that due to my husband’s criminal record and the small number of young children in Australian available for adoption is much lower than the number of suitable parent’s applying for adoption chance we would “get” a child were exceptionally low.

During this process though I discovered I was pregnant our baby was born prematurely though and unfortunately passed away in January this year.

We had basically given up on the idea of ever becoming parents when I received an email from my brother who was working at an orphanage in Kalibo the email contained nothing more than a photo of Lilli, she was gorgeous and we knew we just had to have her. She was what they called a “grey baby” and had been in the orphanage since birth.

We then spent months filling in forms only to be told there were more forms to come or the original forms had been misplaced. But we both agree we would have filled in the forms sat through the interviews etc a billion times over just to have Lilli.

On the 2nd of June after spending months in an orphanage Lilli finally made it to Australia.

Many of our friends believe it was wrong of us to take Lilli from her birth country. But both me and my husband have spent time in underdeveloped and newly developed countries and realise that Lilli has more opportunities here.

We plan to tell her about where she come from and share with her the little bit of information we have about her birth mother when she is old enough to understand.

Lilli May born February 3rd 2006

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