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My friend is giving birth to her second daughter next week (her name will be Tayla) and I have NO IDEA what to buy her! She is having a little baby shower on Fri and I have to turn up with something but what???

This little girl will be born almost exactly 2 years after her sister so all the clothes/blankets/sheets etc will just get handed down so I wanted something that she probably didn't already have! (hard I know!)

What about something silver related and you could get her name engraved on it. You can get gorgous rocking horses which from memeory we paid about $17 for one from a knick knack store than got it engraved. You could also even just buy something for the mum something to pamper herself with a cheap massage or pedicure pack i know you can get vouchers for these.

Another suggestion is maybe buy a nice blanket or towel and get her name embroidered on it this is something the mum can use just for the new bubba and also something to keep forever. Just a few suggestions hope i have helped.

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My friend is also having a baby soon, I am thinking about buying what I brought for my baby and I have found it so useful is a shopping trolley cover. I got mine off ebay, you can buy them for the infant seat or for toddlers, they are padded and keeps away germs. Love it. Also I wish I had a nappy wrapper, I just have a bucket in my boys room and It gets smelley quickly, Nappy wrappers keeps smells away and they really compact their nappies.

Sam Qld,

Hi Mmia
We got a coin from the Perth Mint for our little girl. It was the year of the Monkey (2004) and it came boxed up nicely. Not sure if they do it in all states, but if you go into an Australia Post most of them have some sort of comemerative coins. You can also get uncirculated baby coin sets, which have an extra coin there to get bubs name engraved on it. I think the engraving nearly costs more than the set as they are around $10 - $15.

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a cheap or disposable camera maybe. Great for just leaving in the car for all those moments you "wished you'd bought a camera"

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Pedicure voucher for mummy. I got one when I was in hospital after the birth of my son. I used it 2 months later and felt awesome!! Something special and unrelated to baby. About $40 but so worth it smile .

You could consider something like pre-cooked meals or check out the range on useful and VERY cute.


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