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i would love to have any feedback on these centres, im just looking around at the moment but would love to hear from any parents with children that go to these centres what are they like? staff? activities?etc any help would be apprecitaed smile

tanya,vic thomas 17/06/05 and EDD 6/12/2007 eìí?

hi there,
i used to work in child care and have never heard any good stories about abc its always been bad or not nice stories and so decided that i would never work in an abc centre or send my daughter there, i have heard a lot of stories of young babies been left for lengthy times and the owners drive around in 100 thousand dollar carsthats only a couple of stories and there may be good stories out there but all im saying is i havnt heard any and you should look around.
sporry if i have come across a bit harsh but i thought you should know what i know.
good luck

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

I worked at one for a few weeks as a fill in and my son went there. As a staff member i found they were too interested in the paperwork side of things and not the children, ratios werent always up to scratch and they were always short staffed so the children had different people constantly in their rooms. As a parent the ladies that my son had were great, until the abc takeover, they just didnt care anymore and half of them left. After working there when i quit i took my son out too, best thing i ever did. My boys are now at a kids campus but unfortunatly they too have been taken over by abc. I would recommend if possible do a trial day where u sit with your child for a few hours and observe staff activities etc. that way if u now what ur in for.
Good luck smile
Hi Tan

I have just read through all the feedback - more of interest because my 9month daughter attends an ABC Centre.
I have always found the staff to be really friendly and the cleanliness and activities conducted to be of a high standard. It's true that they do have a lot of paperwork on each child but I would rather this as it attributes to their strict policies and processes in looking after the children.
The advice that you need to get a 'feel' for the centre is really important. To do this stay about 2 hours at each centre and 'observe your child' from a distance as they interact with the carers.

I would also like to say that without the time and effort of these carers who would look after our kids?
Before I had a baby I never gave much thought to these people and thought that the child care profession was for people that were less academic than others. I now have a healthy respect for these people who help care for my most precious baby. They certainly get paid a pittance for such an important and needed role. When looking at child care - its the people not the company that make a difference.

Good Luck and let your little one select their placement.

Isabella's mum.

PS How do you put emoticons on a reply? ?

Tan 9mth Bubba Boo

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