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Confused about Baby Bonus? Lock Rss

i Have a 22month old girl and she was born on the 26th of september 2004.

I was curious, am i entitled to the baby bonus yet as on the taxes it says for babies born up to 30th june 2004 and i thought you were meant to receive it every year until the child turns 5?

I havn't gotten it this year or last. i'm confused, so if some one could set me straight thats great !!!



teegan_wa_ cheyenne 26/10/04 & domenic10/2/06

i have a son born in oct 04 and because we got the maternity payment of $3000 you don't get the $500 per year until aged 5, i have also a son born he previous year and i do get the $500 per year for him until 5 as he didn't get the $3000 lump sum payment. Acouple of weeks after doing your tax, centrelink will deposit the $627, per child into your account if you don't owe them anything!!! this is for every child yearly, regardless of whether there was a lump sum payment or not. hope this helps.
hi teegan

My little boy was born on the 21st of september 2004 and because we got the lump sum payment at birth $3000 no we don't get the $500 every year until they turn 5 with our tax this was for bubs born before 30th june 2004 hope this helps

regarsds kylie

kylie, qld, mum of 5 14,11,10,4 and 2

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