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This site is great!! Lock Rss

Hey everyone
I discovered this site by accident and now I'm hooked!!
There hasn't been a baby in my family for ages, so all the info and tips are quite ancient, and quite frankly - a little scary!!
I wish I found this site ages ago, as I'm always full of questions and just interested in learning more about all these little bubs.
My son, Nicholas, is 4 1/2 months old - and I love him like crazy!!
No matter how hard things seem, all he has to do is give me a cheeky smile - and it makes everything alright!
Love to hear from other mums and tips on how to get my little one to sleep through the night!
I'm not sure if he is teething, as he is constantly sucking & biting on his fingers, drooling, slight temperature and just generally grizzly half the time.
I don't want to always give him panadol, as sometimes I feel that I'm taking the easy way out.
Any tips???

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

I also discovered this site by accident and my poor little 3 month old baby gets shoved into bed around 9am so I can have a read on the site. I agree with all the info and tips being scary, but at the end of the day you do what is best for you and baby. I had a friend tell me you take in all the info and disregard what you don't want or need and keep in mind anything that will help. When I had my boy, I read and listen to so much information I became extremely confused and frustrated. I kept telling everyone that you need a college degree to raise a baby these days. It certainly is the most out of contol time of life for me. Part of my sons routine is a big crying fit in the mornings, which i have been told this is better then the late afternoon sessions which can happen. I feel like I am stuck in the house in case he has one of these fits in the middle of town!!!
As for sleeping through I hear this can sometimes not happen till after nine months (god help us !!!).
As for the teething, have you been to a health shop and tried a natural remedy?
Good luck on your journey as a mother, with all it's ups and downs it is certainly the most rewarding time of your life, especially with the cheeky smiles we get.

Deena NZ New mum

Hi Jackie,
Glad you found this web site. Things can be a little scary with the children but there are many more great moments with them. I have twins that are 5yrs and 5 month old and they all have slept through the night since they were about 2 months old, very lucky I was and am. I found that have a radio,tape or cd playing in the back round always helped. Teething is a hard one as every baby is different as what to do with them and yes panadol is great releif when really needed but too often can lead to a problem of it not working as good as it would if its given only when its really needed sorry I suppose I sound like a doctor saying that. My sister use to rub brandy on her childrens gums a very old remedy but I just use bonjela as it seems to work or hold somethink cold (frozen) in their mouth as that sometimes help releive the pain. My 5 month old is chewing his fingers and everyone else's finger he can grab to put in his mouth. They are great for when you are feeling down and tired, for giving that cheeky smile.

Happy Teething Di
we have always bathed our boys in the nite to warm them up & relax then but having 3 in the bath is so funny not relaxing ! i cannot really help with the sleep issue as my boys have all slept well the 3rd slept tru the nite from the 1st nite home from hospital, in fact scared the living day lights out of dh as i had to go back into hospital due to compications so he was home alone ith the 3 kids . . he woke to our middle son crying at about 6 am but thought it was the baby but he was stillfast asleep!as to teehing . i thnk the dribbling is just adevelpment sign as they srart to put the fingers/fist in the mouth. my mil said she would rub lemon on the gums i did not really do much just a teething ring in frge or fezzer for a while

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

wow how old is this post/thread!!!

ok that was my last attempt at knocking off the pop threads, hehe pretty dismal effort hey!!


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