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misscarriages Rss

i know this topic may be very personal for some but i'm pretty open about most things.
before i concieved ava, i had just had a misscarriage at 7weeks. i had no period inbetween misscarrying and then my daughter. then in september this year i had another misscarriage. that is 2 in not even 2 years. it makes me wonder if the pregnancy of my daughter was all luck as maybe i have a problem with carrying children. *shrugs shoulders* it's all a mystery!

19yr old 1st time mummy to ava born jan 7th 2004

Hi Ava Adore,

What a beautiful name!!!!

That is very sad that you had those miscarriages.
I too feel lucky because with my second child Eve I had a bleed at 17 weeks pregnant that lasted 12 hours. It took so long to organise an ultra sound that I was sure she was gone but she was still alive and kicking (literally)!!!! The doctor said that the placenta had torn. Luckily when it stopped bleeding there was no permenant dammage and
I was able to continue the preganacy.
Maybe in your case the problem could be with the placenta attatching??? Have you been checked for endometriosis that can sometimes cause misscarriages.

Anyway YES it sounds like you were are very blessed to have little Ava smile

ps. my daughter eve was born on the 8th of jan 2004!!!!!!

Catherine,VIC,mother of 2

I guess some people are more prone to them than others.

My sister has had about 5 before 12 weeks, but has managed to have three healthy children.

Only time will tell but you know you have had one bubs so try not too worry.

I had an early miscarriage too. It was my first pregnancy and it was very scary worrying if I couldn't carry them.
this is a very touchy and sad subject for a lot of woman but just because you have had 2 doesn't mean that their is something wrong with your body between my 2nd and 3rd children i had 4 misscarages my first was at 16 weeks, 9 weeks after my 4th child i had another misscarage and 3 weeks after that i fell pregnant with my 5th child that is due is april. i asked serveral specialists about it and they did some tests on my to see if there was anything wrong but there wasn't. i was told and i believe it that the main reason for a misscarage is there is something wrong with the baby so the body gets rid of it (i know it's not nice) and the reasons for there being something wrong with the baby could be anything and it could be something as simple as you haveing a few drinks before you even skip a period and it has affected the fetus (it is not your fault) and most woman have misscarages and don't even know it. some times it is for the best (i was not impressed when i was told that after my first either) but most things in life happen for a reason and if you can have 1 healthy child them chances are that you will have more
good luck and i hope this has helper
Hello - I've also just had a 2nd miscarriage in two years. I'm lucky I had Jack (born 10th January 2004!!!) in between. I'm told it's co-incidence that it's happened again, but it's put me off trying again. Both miscarriages happened at 12 weeks, just after we'd told the world! I too feel as though Jack may be our little miracle. Friends are supportive and say there'll be other times, but I don't think they could know just how disappointing and sad it is.
i worked with a lady who had 7 or 6 miscarrages and ended up now she has 3 sons. so the docs came up with the notion that maybe her body couldnt carry a female bubby. they said this because 1 of her losses was at 16wks and it was a girl. all the rest were before 12wks

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi there,

My first pregnancy was a miscarriage at 12 weeks (no bleeding only knew that something was wrong by ultrasound - the baby did not have a heartbeat and went for a D&C that same afternoon) Was horrible. My second pregnancy was my beautiful son, born 18th January 2004.

Miscarriages are so tragic, but also so very common. Statistics show that around 1 in 4-5 pregnancies end in miscarriage. There are many reasons behind them, some reasons being that the egg did not fertilise properly or that something just did not develop as it should, and natures way is to terminate.

I was soooooo nervous during my second pregnancy, I kept telling myself that "When I see his heartbeat at my 6 week scan I will be ok" Then it was "My 12 week scan" then "21 weeks and I will not be nervous" that continued on and on until I gave birth to my gorgeous little boy at nearly 41.5 weeks!!!

Best of luck
hi everyone, i have been in the same boat and although it was so heart wrenthing at the time i looked on the bright side and it was meant to be. It was prob for the best for all of us. sad

i have heard (maybe rumours) that first miscarriages occur from taking the pill and it is a cleaning process that the body goes through or something. I don't know but i was wondering whether you all were taking the pill prior to becoming pregnant. I was off the pill for around 1 1/2 years before becoming pregnant.

It would be interesting to get some stats.

Sue & Daewon 23.03.2004

i wasn't on the pill when i had any of my 5 miscarrages and hadn't been on it for 4 years and had had 2 babies while takeing the pill so i didn't bother takeing it again after my second child was born i tried other things, i was warned when i started haveing the depo needle that if i did consieve while i was on it that the baby would more then likely miscarrage (and it did) but the rest weren't damageing drugs to the babies with 2 of them i wasn't takeing anything as nothing i had tried had worked, but after that i went to see a obgyn to try and find out why i was loosing so many and he did a IUD and within 6 months of him putting that in i was pregnant with my 4th child (who turned out healthy)
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