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skye from neighbours Lock Rss

might be just me, but does anyone else get annoyed at skye from neighbours?

by the shows timeline, she cant be more than 16 weeks pregnant and yet she is HUGE!!!
and she has her hand on her belly in every single shot they have of her.

smile just needed to vent!

not just you! i cannot stand her character at moment and you're right she looks like she 7-8 months pregnant, didn't she only just find out?? well not just but you're right she couldn't be as far as long as she looks anyway,

and the hand on the stomach all the time, i'm sorry but it is very annoying.

2 yrs

Yes, I am annoyed by her at the moment too...

Where are you guys up to in Aus? You should be ahead of us... as you're way ahead in H&A.

Anyway, we are up to where Elle has started faking her illness...

i also am snnoyed with her character lies and stuff espicially the hand thing but with the size i had a huge belly real early i think it was cause i am only tiny, but everyone could not get over how big i was so fast.
but i agree with the whole story line who could actually do that to the person they loved
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