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Steve Irwin I can't stop crying Lock Rss

I don't know about anyone else but every time something comes on the tv about him i still cry. It feels like I knew him or something. It's really strange. I always thought he was a great person- very out there and I loved watching him but i never was full on about him or anything but I just can't stop crying.

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It's a bit like that isn't it. I'm a bit the same which suprises me. His death has affected me so much more than i would have ever thought. I was the same - was never a huge fan as i have never seen one of his shows but i really respected him and what he did, and his passion and dedication. But i agree, it does feel like i knew him which is strange. Everytime i see a tribute to him on t.v, on the news, in the newspapers, on the internet, in a magazine it makes me cry. Why i don't know, it is just so sad. I think what is so sad about it is his family. He adored his family so much and the realtionship he had with his daughter was so beautiful. I think maybe because it came as such a shock and he was such a fearless man who has probably had countless dangerous experiences, it's just so sad.

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