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What does yor Hubby do for a job? Rss

Hey Everyone

Just thought I would ask what everyones hubby does for a job!


Hi there...
my DH works as a stationhand on a feedlot. He also does other odd jobs that a small farm entails. He comes home pretty smelly most nights, but he really enjoys the work. The money is surprisingly good too.

My husband works at construction sites as Sheetmetal Worker installing huge airconditioning ducts into the buildings.
That's his fulltime job.
His part-time job is semi-professional football.
My dh is a computer Technician, though it doesnt really describe him accuratly imo, he works for an isp, and mainly takes care of business servers etc etc.... downfall for me is there is approx 10 working computers in our house ranging from 80's models to special silicon graphics machines, and he is a major but lovable nerd!!!

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

My partner is a machine operator...he makes kitchen cabinets so we prefer the title of MASTER CRAFTSMEN...hahaha.

He has also just written his first novel and is at this moment editing it.

Oh his other job is as World's Best Dad, the pay is crap but the benefits ROCK!!
TAS teacher

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My Husband is in the Air Force. So far we have seen HMAS Cerberus (Melbourne) for his job training and now living in Bullsbrook WA (RAAF Pearce)

He is a Communications Electronics Technician and loving it so far.

My hubby is a plumber. They do most of their work for the Woolworths stores around Brisbane. He loves it most of the time....except being on call...can't really plan things for the weekends he's on call.

Zac 18/05/06, Jaron 22/11/07

Hi all

My DH is a chef.. and French on top of that.. and believe it or not, he does not cook at home for me sad maybe on the odd occasion if I ask really nicely.. hehe

My DH is a Factory manager who 'boses' around 80 staff. wink

DH was in the IT industry for many years in Aus.

Since moving here to NZ, he has worked at a few places in IT but now has gone into more of an admin/managerial job at a nearby TAFE that he enjoys more. He still does a bit of IT.

They are reviewing his pay atm so here's hoping for an increase in pay so I can continue being a SAHM.

Hey Everyone,

My DP is a self employed courier and has been now for about 4 - 5 years.


Kellie, VIC, Mum Of 2 and another on the way!!

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