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New mum who doesn't have mum of her own Lock Rss

Hi Michelle, just wanting to say Hi and see how everyone is. We are all fine at the moment. Life has been very busy with me being back at work fulltime and taking care of the little rascal Peter. I can"t belive he has turned 2 in February. Well hope your two arn't causing you to much trouble. Catch up soon. Letitia
Hi all sorry its been awhile had computer stolen from work and now theres not always a computer at work for me. Ashlyn is getting better on the eating side of things. I have stopped giving her bottles during the day. She also goes to daycare 3 days a week so I think that might have helped her alot to have some sort of routine in place even if its only three days. I still work long hours. As for her sleeping we are trying she will still end up in my bed every night. I think what happens is she is not used to sleeping in a single bed & when she rolls she hits her head on the wall, maybe I should just buy her a queen size bed as she is used to sleeping in one. We are starting to toilet train her now she is doing ok at it she is starting to understand that it goes in the potty not in her nappy we get more misses than hits but thats ok. Anyway enough from We wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day
Hey larnie and michelle ...

I have a mum like larnie but we dont talk. I could say shes evil but i think alot of ppl would look at me like im a total cow. Guess you have to know her to know what im talking about. Im pregnant with my first and mum doesnt want to know me. Ive got 7 weeks to go now and im not sure whether to call her or not when the baby is born. My partners mother is just wonderful and is looking forward to her first grandchild. Guess its just not the same without the close relationship of your real mother. Sometimes i feel rather alone but in other respects its probably best that shes not around. I too have younger sibblings two brothers 8 and 10 that i love to bits but cant see because of her. I suppose all i can do is be the type of mother to my child that i would have wanted for myself and not repeat the mistakes she has made. In the end its her loss .. shes missing out on her grandchild. But i dont think she cares all up she has 3 granddaughters and 3 grandsons but she has nothing to do with any of them apart from one grandson. How a mother can disown her own children and grandchildren is beyond me!!!
Just remember your mother is always there for you in your heart and thats all that matters smile Good luck!!

Lil & Eden ... EDD no.2 may 30 06

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