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New mum who doesn't have mum of her own Lock Rss

Hey Tepe,

You sure got that right grin as long as you and I are around this site will go on and on....

Long live this post... no pun intended :}

I hope all is well with the many mum's who have visited this site.

Look forward to lots more chatting here smile

Hey girls....

Thanks for the posts.

It's been a horrible week and I'm just really out of sorts. Your stories struck a cord with me. Finally someone that relates to me.

Will post again when I have more time.

Talk soon.
Hi Cohens mum,

I look forward to hearing more from you soon smile

It is such a nice feeling when you can talk to people about your feelings and they understand.

Always remember you are not alone... all of us mum's are here to support you.

Sorry to hear you've had a horrible week, hopefully it will be much better soon.

Michelle smile
Hi Mum's,

I just wanted to say that this post has been going for 6 months straight (in 2 days time)...

It was my very first post here at the site when I joined.

Thankyou to all of those who have contributed in some small way... and to all the new and wonderful friends I have made here... you are the best smile

Please keep your posts coming it means the world to me.

Michelle smile smile smile smile smile
Hi Michelle and Tepe
Thanks for both replying to my post. I've only just checked today, and it was nice to know it was read. Haven't had time to read all the posts in this section, but you certainly have hit a 'raw nerve' with alot of mums out there. Good for us to have our own 'club', so to speak, where we can really relate to one another.
Those who haven't been through anything similar can't really understand. It's kind of sad that when we should be experiencing the happiest times of our lives, we also have a 'dark cloud' hanging over us. There are obviously too many of us going through this, judging by the amount of replies this post has created.
Anyway, life with a 17 month old is very busy, as you well know!! Lia is a bundle of energy, and even my mum-in-law has made comment that she has my mum's evil sense of humour, which is nice!! It's an age where they are learning so much, but also are pushing your buttons alot - she has learnt to squeal loudly or cry when told 'no' or removed from something she wants to do - very challenging! I read in a book that when they squeal, you should start whispering around them, so that they try to listen to you, and forget what it is they wanted. We're trying that for now. All you really want to do is yell back, but it doesn't really achieve anything, does it?! She's still on 2 sleeps a day at home, but gets stuffed around at creche for the 2 days I'm at work. They don't have to put up with the 'feral kid' that I do when she only has one sleep there!! Apart from that, feeding is pretty hit and miss - eats with gusto at some meals, and couldn't be bothered with others, but I think everyone goes through that.
Thanks again for replying, and trust that you and your families are well. I'll keep in touch through this post!
Kim, Pete and Lia

Kim and Lia Tas

Hi all,

Firstly a major whinge, i have posted something here 50 hrs ago and it still hasn't been approved, by the time its here it will have 10 posts after it!!! sad

Anyhow, sorry things are tough at the moment Cohens mum, i just hope things start to get a bit easier for you.

Also a big THANKYOU smile to Michelle, for starting this forum, 6 months now WOW! I just hope anyone in this situation feels comfortable enough to post here, as we want to here from everyone!

Hope everyone is well, and all babies are thriving,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Kim.

Oh, my... everything you just said, it is just what I am going through right now!!

My wonderful and challenging daughter Madeleine is 16 months old and so full of energy. She loves testing me and has recently taken to squealing and screaming when things don't go her way!!
Add to that the fact that I am home with her 24/7 and am now 25 weeks pregnant!! It is exhausting some days...

I am so pleased that this little "club" as you called it has formed. I love to hear how other mum's just like me are coping with their babies and the struggles they face not having a mum to turn to. I hope that we can all continue to share our thoughts and feelings here for a very long time.

It was so lovely to read your post and I will be taking your tip about the whispering and giving it a go. I had read you should just ignore them, because a reaction will only encourage them to keep doing it. But like you, I have to agree it is tough and sometimes you just want to scream right back.

My precious daughter is trying to cut out her second day nap... much to my displeasure. I continue to be dtermined and put her down in her cot, I need some rest time too... but more often than not she stays awake in her cot for the hour I leave her and either jumps up and down (which is a funny sight to see) or sits in her cot chatting to herself and playing with her stuffed toys.

The feeding is just as you said "pretty hit and miss" here too... for what it is worth I think we are going through the same thing right now.

I wish you well with your active toddler as you ride the highs and lows of motherhood... and please know you will always have a place right here to come for a friendly chat or some comforting words.

All the best,

Michelle grin

Hey Tepe,

How annoying about the moderated post system... :~

Hopefully your post will be displayed here soon.

I can't imagine anything that you would say needing to be moderated, you always say the nicest things... smile

Look forward to seeing your latest post soon.

Michelle wink

P.S. This has been the best 6 months getting to know you here.

Finally it was approved, so anyone bored, go back about 8 posts.



DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe,

For me mother's day is bitter sweet. I get to celebrate being a mum, but feel sad because I don't have a mum...

It is such a sad coincidence that you lost your mum on mother's day...

I have to admit the anniversary of my mum's death always brings me down. She died in the month of August and for me that is the worst month of the whole year... and if my gut instinct is right I will have my baby boy due July 30 in August, just to create another bitter sweet timw for me.

Mother's Day for me personally is about remembering my mum in the best possible way and celebrating the fact that I am a mum now.

There is nothing that I can say to make it better for you... just think of how much you mean to your 2 beautiful children and try not to be sad.

Take care and cheer up. I'll be sending you extra happy thoughts on the day.

Michelle smile

Hey Tepe,

For what it is worth I just replied to your approved post only to have mine sent off to the moderator as well... sigh! :~

Hopefully you will get to read it soon.

Till then... here's a big (((HUG))) to cheer you up.

Michelle grin


Thanks Michelle, i appreciate your caring responses, and look forward to reading it,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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