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Prams and Public Transport don't mix!!!! Lock Rss

Hi just wondering if anyone else has a had time if they use public transport with there little ones. Went on a trip to the city today on a train with my sister. We had to prams and had so much trouble to get them on the train and people would push them out of the way to get to the seat first. My sister has young children and her 3 year old was having trouble to hold to the poles and not one person got up of there seat to offer a seat to them. The 2 seats near the doors the only place we could go with the prams and they were occupied by 6 men and they all sat there and just looked at us. We thought that one of them would have the courtesy to offer one of the kids a seat, but they didn't. Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble like this.
These days its dog eat dog when it comes to this.
I too found this trying to get on a bus with a baby in one arm pram in the other and the older twins in toe and not one person help us to get on they bascily stood there with a look on their faces thinking hurry up and get of the way.
No-one cares no more. Its not like when I was younger we had to give up seat for mums and older people, but I still would now od it if the need arises.
When my daughter was 5 months old, I took her to Wellington for the day while staying an hour out from Wellington with my dad.

The bus driver was rude - he didn't offer to help. I had to put my daughter on a seat and hope she didn't fall off and then quickly get off the bus fold up the stroller and carry it on the bus - the bus driver just sat there looking at his watch with a 'you're making me late' look on his face. The bus drivers only comment was "other people will be getting on the bus, make sure your pushchair isn't in the way". And of course at the train station, he didn't offer to help me get off. But a lovely lady offered to carry my daughter off the bus as I stuggled with the stroller and nappy bag.

The train was easier, and there was always a passenger to help me with the stroller and because I was one of the first to get on the train, I got a seat.

By the time I got to Wellington, I was too scared to catch anymore buses, so I walked everywhere.

When I got back off the train that night, I didn't want to catch a bus back to dad's. I was lucky that my uncle who is a taxi driver was at the station and offered to take us back to my dad's.

Rere, NZ, mum of three

Hi, it's so daunting isn't it. I had to catch the bus for the first time into the city with my 2yr old daughter the other day, as my partner had to go away for work and took the car. I was waiting at the bus station dreading how on earth I was going to carry Jaida in 1 arm, the pram in the other, the nappy bag, buy a ticket from the driver then find a seat on the crowded bus!! As soon as the bus doors opened the driver jumped up and took the pram from me and put it behind his seat, which I was so thankful for and shocked ... as you don't see that much these days. So luckily it wasn't as bad as first thought, mind you ... don't think I'll be doing it again any time soon, lol.


Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

Have to agree - public transport can be hell. I remember catching a train to and from work every day (an hour trip each way), up until leaving work at 8.5 months pregnant - and would have to stand pretty much most of the way home with people staring at me and my very VERY obvious pregnant belly and not offer a seat - really *great* for the back those last weeks I can tell you. smile

But since I had James (now 17 months old), I haven't had to use it much (thankfully). First time though I had a guy come down the carraige and help me get on (I had bubs in one arm and pram in the other....). Apart from that, the only bad trip I had was catchign a train home with hubby one day and happened to catch a peak hour train. Very very crowded and air-con in the train was dodgy but thankfully James was very little at the time and slept most of the way home.

James' Mum

a squrming baby, nappy bag, mother of a pram then you have to pay the driver it's a joke and know one helps they expect your either superwoman or the indian god with ten arms. i have to do if i want to go anywhere it makes me want to stay at home but i need to shop for my son and also he go's to the hospital and doctor's weekly something needs to be done. people today are not courteous things need to be change to make a difference.

NTH, QLD, Cooper,25/11/04

I didn't drive until last year so always caught buses and trains with one and then two kids. Most of the time if I asked the driver they'd help with the pram on the bus. I found trains easier- you don't have to fold down the pram. I always found if you asked, someone would help. I never wanted anyone to hold my kids and it was easier when my eldest could climb up the steps herself. Always make the trip an adventure for the child, a happy kid is much easier to travel with. Of course I did get lots of rude people too, but I can give back and felt better for it on most occasions. People want to help mostly I think, they might just not want to make the first move, or be seen to be imposing.

1 daughter and 2 sons

I found it awkward travelling on a train once in Perth, it was my first time in a long time, and had a pram and a 9 month old I think, taking a trip to the city with Nanny. Seats ect were no trouble, just people getting past the pram. And always helps if you keep the brakes on! The pram nearly ended up down the carriage at one of the stops!!
I also caught the bus into the city here in Darwin once, and yeah awkward, carrying stroller on & a toddler plus bag and whatever else, but I found people up here did offer help. I guess NT is a bit different to the big cities in that way, people have opened doors and offered help to me plenty of times I guess now more so cos they see me with a little bub and a tot. So I will endeavour to return the favour to others!

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

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