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a relative of mine has just recently found out she is pregnant, shes 16 and it was definatly unplanned, she is still with the father who is her boyfriend of 4 months and she reckons they are "in love". anyway she was seriously thinking about a termination, with her parents support but had the scan today and she is 8.5 weeks along and is starting to have second thoughts and is now thinking about keeping it. I am supporting her no matter what her decison but am wondering what else I can do, she is freaking out. has anyone else been through this and is it really thaat hard raising a baby at 16.

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It would be hard without the financial support, but if she has her parents and boyfriends support, that would make the world of difference.
As for "in love", unfortunately it is one of those things where, now that there is a baby coming, they would try and stick together. But if it was just a typical teenage relationship, I am sure without a pregnancy to think about, they probably would not have ended up together long term (you know what it was like at 16, you think your in love with your boyfriend, and the next one).
If she is having thoughts about keeping it, then she really needs to keep it. Terminating the pregnancy may be something she would regret for the rest of her life if she is experiencing some connection with the baby.

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She's definately a brave girl! I found out i was pregnant at 16 but was abused by the father who was a bit older then me and i felt that i had no choice other then termination. He told me it wasn't his and he'd kill me and the baby and i wasn't old enough to handle it. Afterwards i ended up being severly depressed, especially when my parter and i tried for 18months to concieve this time. I had a bad infection afterwards and with my bad ovaries i was told it would be hard to fall next time around. Anyway, i had an abortion which i felt was the right thing to do and now i know it was the right thing when it made Cohen (my baby) more special to me and my partner as it was our first.

My mum was pregnant at 17 but she got married and had 9more and my sister was 17 and alone! They both handled it so well. All my siblings are well mannered and polite and my nephew who is now 14 is a gorgeous young man. Tell your relative that she can do it and i hope everything is well with her and bub. In my opinion, it doesnt matter about age, just maturity. Looking back, i couldnt of handle it, emotionally by myself. Its great she is still with the father and that hes supporting her. At any age, an unplanned baby can make any girl freak out, she sounds like shes handling it well so far and she loves that baby already smile good luck to her! Really all you can do is answer her questions about raising babies and pregnancy. Its a hard and challenging time for girls of any age and if i can do it so can she!! I was 18 when i fell pregnant, started trying at 17. We thought it was the right time and ive always wanted to be a young mumma. Hope every thing turns out for the best!! xx
Hi 2 all,

I had my 1st DD when I was 16. I had some support from most of my family at the time, but still had the odd few that didn't agree, such as my grandparents who thought that keeping the baby was taking the easy way out. The only problem being that I didn't really now that I was pregnant till I was about 5-6 months and so neither did any one else. I was going to give up my DD to Adoption but and open Adoption so that I would still be able to have something to do with her. But after having her and spending the 3 days in hospital with her and having family and photo's taken I couldn't do it and we brought her home.

The family members that didn't agree have since come around and often praise me for the way I take care of both my DD's as I have since had a 6 month old DD at the age of 24.

I was with my DD dad for 2 years but we had broken up well before I had found out. He had a bit to do with her after she was born but since has nothing to do with her.

Having my DD made me grow up and see the things that matter in life. I really don't think that I would be where I am now with 2 beautiful DD's, and a partner of 6 years that I fall in love with more everyday if I didn't have her. I love my life and everything in it.

On the other hand having a family that cared and helped me really helped me and I don't know what it would be like to not have had the support.

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by the time my mother was 16 she had had my sister and I and was a single mum cause my dad left her not long after I was born.

She says it was hard, but she did it. Its the love for your kids that pulls you thru. Sure there'll be tough times, older couples have tough times, but in the end it works out i think.

Support her and she'll be fine. Have faith, kids change people.


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