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Is anyone finding it hard to make friends? Lock Rss

Hi, I'm Teegan and i live in Clarkson,

I have two babies, I left school when i was 14 and i lost alot of my friends and since i've had two kids basically all my friends abandoned me.

So many times i'v written in the commmunities on this forum and hard ever anyone answers.
I've been really down latly as i have no adult conversation and no play mates for my kids.

I was wondering if anyone is or has been in the same boat as me?

I just don't know where to start!!!
Sorry for babbleing
Thanks smile

teegan_wa_ cheyenne 26/10/04 & domenic10/2/06

Hi Teegan. I'm sorry to here that you are feeling so down. I am new to to this and have not had a reply yet either. How old are your babies? I have 3 kids, a daughter who goes to school and I have found some of my best friends are her friends mothers. I also kept in contact with people from my pregnancy class, and the new mums group afterwards. With 3 kids though I am too busy to keep in contact sometimes, and my friends with no children get fed up with my "children" stories. My best friends are my 2 sisters, do you have family to talk to.
By the way, I don't know where Clarkson is.

Take care


Lou, Sydney, mum of 3

Hi teegan,
I had similar problems too.. I left school at end of year 10 and all my friends stayed on and did other things and none of them have kids so we barely talk. Work was no good as everyone was heaps older than me and then we moved to the country so we hardly knew anyone and had to start all over again. We still keep in contact with a couple of hubbies mates and their girlfriends but its not really the same. I managed to make a couple of friends by selling avon as i got an excuse to go around and meet my neighbours. I also started going to a playgroup and a little learners group for the kids, got the details of these from my child health nurse and after a while of going along to these things people eventually become more friendly and i'm now starting to really enjoy going.
You could also maybe try to get a part time job if your partner would support that as that could help you to interact with others. If that's not to your liking you could go and join a sporting club like tennis, womens soccer or something. I've done the soccer before and that was great and keeps you fit. Otherwise you could check out the local papers and go along to day classes for maybe craft days or something like that, one's aimed for kids or adults really.
Lastly all i can think of is maybe to go and volunteer somewhere, if you can't get someone to watch bubs then see if you can find something where you can take them along... maybe you could visit the elderly in nursing homes with bubs and talk to them... it would make there day and you'd have an adult to talk to. May not sound too glamerous but they are still people and you can have friends of all ages if you have an open mind.
Failing all that or just if you like you can talk to me on my email, i'm always looking to have a chat.
Its [email protected]
Hope some of that has helped.
Oh - another one i've thought of is to go to your local library and see what groups or activities they have on offer as they are usually free or cheap and a good meeting point.

ds 4 ds 22mths and baby girl? due 24 Aug 07

hey darl
we have all been through these hard times

i live in a toen called maryborough vic

it has the highest rate of teen pregnancies, teen suicide abd unemployement

its horrible

i am considered a young mum, i had my darling daughter at 19, and every day when i walk her i get so many looks from older people judging me thinking i smoke and drink and peobably do drugs

i dont smoke, rarely have a night out with me DD for a drink and am the most loving mother i know, my daughter means the world to me and every day with her is a blessing, i am lucky as i still have all my wonderful friends though none of them have children so i find it very hard to talk to other mothers

one of my friends recently moved back and i noe cath up with her once a week and she has a beautiful 8 month old

but in lots of ways i feel as though i have let lillie down as she has no litlle friends to play with,

its hard at times


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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