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Old Wives Tales - true or not Lock Rss

Our baby group has been having discussions on these two topics, and would love to know how true they are.

First one - with little boys, if their willy points to the left, they will be right handed. If it points to the right, they will be left handed.

Second one - If your child's crown is in the centre of their head the next baby will be a boy, if it is off to the side of their head, the next baby will be a girl.

Any positive or negative examples of these???

Kayleen, NSW, Lily june 06

i have never heard either of these but would be great to hear from other mums??

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I don't believe in old wives tales. IF things happen asa they do it just coincidence.

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye

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