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60 Minutes - Smacking Lock Rss

OMG!!! Just as they did with the attachment parenting, 60 minutes has seriously sensationalised smacking!!

I have decided I am no longer going to watch 60 minutes as I am absolutely disgusted with this story.

I will point out that that mother that smacked her children repeatedly with the egg flip is disgusting, but 60 minutes are really putting the ex in extreme lately!!!

Many parents do smack, but MOST do NOT go too far, it is not their first resort and it is not physically harmful, it's more for the "shock" factor (for lack of a better word). And that gentlemen saying people who say they were smacked as a child and turned out okay are just deluding themselves into believing and self-convincing themselves into justifying their behaviour with their own children. And that they haven't turned out okay, they just don't want to accept that it seriously damaged and hurt them as a child. WTF!!!!

I respect people who apply their own discipline styles whatever it be as long as it does not HARM the child and I am seriously sick to the stomach about the stories 60 minutes are televising at the moment. They have certainly lost one viewer with me!!

Thank you for reading my vent!!!

P.S I read up on Attachment Parenting and it is NOWHERE near as extreme as 60 minutes portrayed it to be.

Have a good day lovely mummies!!!!
watching that made me extremely sick!!!

I mostly felt heartache for the 3 year old boy who was wacked/slapped and held down with force by his father while his mother gave all her attention to his 7 month old brother.

it was COMPLETELY OBVIOUS that this innocent child was dying for his parents attention since the arrival of his brother and it disgusted me that thay couldnt even see that.

A new addition was bought into the family and given all the attention that would have usually been givin to the 3 year old, and his blind parents couldnt understand why he was behaving like this

shame on those parents thay disguist me!!!!

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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