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Hi all

I just thought i would add a post for christian parents to discuss the ins and outs of raising a family and the difficulties we sometimes face-for example - tv, christmas, certain games, music, etc.

Parenting is a tough enough job-then add to it the mix of trying to find the right balance of protecting your child from things that God would not want thier little ears or minds to see or know but at the same time not sheltering them so much that they hit school and are so nieve and curious they find out through other channels.

We could share ideas of how we teach our toddlers about Jesus through every day stuff-i often struggle with this one-he shoudl be a part of our everyday lives rather than an after thought at bed time when we do bible sotires and prayer time-what do you guys do on a daily basis to bring God into your childrens lives-also what age did you kids start to really understnad certain things like the true meaning of Christmas and Easter? how did you go about telling them?
Hope to hear from some fellow Jesus lovers!!


Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

Hi Kathryn!

I want to thank you for posting the ad, we are just starting to wonder how to go about introducing Melissa to God, but she is 16 months old! We read from her childrens bible, (when she is not trying to grab it off us and eat it!) and every night we say, "God loves you...Jesus loves you....Daddy and Mummy..." etc.
I wondered if, along with her bible, we would get her Christain colouring in books, with Jesus in them etc, and say who it is??? I might buy some more piture books too. Who knows, but as i said, we are just at the beginning! But I would love my children to grow up with that, seeing as i didn't come from a Christain family, and I didn't groe up with it, neither did my Hubby, so it's pretty new to us teaching her about it!
As you said, it would be harder once they start school, it's a big bad world out there, but all we can do is stick to our beliefs, and try to explain that other people are different...and may not believe in God.....but then that will open up all the "why"!!!
I will add more when i think of something more intellegent to say!!!
God bless all.


Hi, good to hear from other Christian mum's! Apart from saying grace and bible stories and going to church - we don't really do anything but i suppose the thing to remember is that children learn what they see not so much what we say. If they observe us being caring, polite and considerate to others then they will pick up on the right values. My kids are 2years old and 4months old and I am also thinking ahead about the Christmas and Easter thing especially with the commercialism of these holidays - sounds like you are on the right track and the fact that you are thinking about it now is terrific.

Mum of 2 treasures!

hello we are not a particurly(sp) religious family but our 2 younger boys have learnt this from preschool and everynight b4 dinner we have to say the "thank you words"it goes like this " for our family, friends and food we say thank you" its really sweet and the boys love to say it every night

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Remember this one?

This little light of mine, I am gonna let it shine! Let it shine, let it shine
I am gonna take this light around the world and I am gonna let it shine

I love that one. One of the teachers used to play his guitar for us.
Bump - just trying to read all pages but can't get past the first page. Seeing if a bump helps

Oh well - it didn't work. We seem to have lost a few pages.

Just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking of you. How have you been. I hope you are still feeling strong and positive.


hey there
Im am still doing ok, have my down moments as one would, but all in all im good!!
Got more surgery coming up on the 30th of this month and then after that a bit of a long road but we will get there too!!

am usually in a much better mood than i am right now but having a first down day in a long time-annoying relatives got to me this weekend and have put me in a down mood-gotta love those people who think they are doing you a favour by telling you what they think is good advice but in actual fact its simply thier negative opinion on something special and importnat to you-im sure that doesnt make sense coz i have not given the specific story behind the comment but anyway-feels better to get it off my chest!!! And thats what girl friends are for right!!!

thanks girls

Mumma to Zack-4, Toby-2 1/2 & Molly 1

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