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Vinegar/Bicarb tip???? Rss

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A while ago I read that if you mix vinegar and bicarb soda it makes a great bathroom/shower cleaner....what was this recipe exactly??? I can't seem to find the thread!!

P.S - sorry if I have started a repeat thread!!

just chuck the vinegar in a spray bottle, spray the surfaces sprinkle on some bicarb another light spray of vinegar and wipe, or scrub away!!! i bought a salt shaker like the ones at take away shops, to store the bicarb in makes shaking it out easier! i only use bicarb and vinegar in my house we dont use chemical cleaners at all!

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Another way you can do it is sprinkle bicarb on a sponge then get another sponge soaked in vinegar and place it over the top of the bicarb one and then wipe over your tiles, glass, bath, etc.
Will have to try the spray bottle option too.

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