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on thursday a group of children and myself will be melting chocolate into christmas mould to take home as presents.
my question is do i have to add anything to the chocolate buttons or will they be ok on there own.
any other tips would be great to.
thanks in advance

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

I think they will be ok on their own, especially if it is good quality, made for melting kind (it's more expensive but nicer).

You could be fancy and add bits of violet crum&le bar or something. Personally I have never had much luck adding different colours but others may have better tips on that.

I bang the tray to remove bubbles after choccie is in. I also use the microwave to melt the melts (in 30 second bursts) rather than a pot.

When washing the plastic moulds, use hot soapy water to make sure it's not greasy (I have had melts with strange prints on them from this problem).

Good luck doing this with lots of sticky fingers and warm weather... let's hope they make it home ok!

we didnt when we made chockies the other week, but i did find that getting the normal block chocolate and melting that tasted better that the buttons, i thinks it works out a bit cheeper too.

also another thing that i have found is great for making chocs is the W*litshire bend and bake moulds they have bear heart and butterfly moulds they are really deep and the chocs pop out really easy cause you can bend the mould,

we have been getting creative with them too, we have made some white choc ones with choc hazelnut spread in the middle, very yummy!

When I have made chocolates with preschool aged children this is what I have done.

Use two bowls- one bigger than the other. Place hot water in big bowl- place smaller bowl inside it with choc bits (I don't add anything else). Stir gently till chocolate melts- using a spoon.

If you keep moulds in the fridge or freezer before you use them- they seem to set quicker.
just a tip for anyone....buying normal white chocolate (like milky bar or cadbury dream) doesn't melt very well. You're best to buy the white chocolate buttons as they are designed to melt..and they still taste pretty good....

normal milk and dark choccy will melt fine though.

Sam and Hayley and bub

I suggest tip that i have do, while i making chocolate moulds, i gave different type of shapes and filling with white melting chocolate. I bought white chocolate and belt in melting pot, Using this pot i give perfect taste of chocolate. and this looks amazing.
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