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How do i cope on my own ?????? Lock Rss

WARNING:May be long!!!

To a few of you i know its me mimmy back after a few months!!

So DP and i have been seperated for 6 weeks now.He was always drinking,used foul language,being disrespectful, and had no urge to show affection.
I asked him to leave until he got himself together(and get his priorities sorted out) as he owns 99% of the things in our unit i have been sleeping on the floor,boiling water in a saucpan, and as all the bills were under my name(he has a bad credit rating) i am so far in debt i am so stressed.
expensive rent, my water was almost cut off last week, and trying to buy christmas presents!!!!!
I now have a pension which doesnt help at all!!!!
living each day is just so expensive and i have never felt so lonely or depressed.
I love my daughter to death but its a long day when im doing it by myself
He's with his parents and his mum does everything for him.
he is showing no signs of changing and it makes me so sad as i love him very much, he is a wonderful father and friend, just a bad partner
im at my witts end with money and Lillie has picked up on the tension(not sleeping, being clingy)
it makes me cry when she crawls round the house saying"Dadda" looking for him
Sorry had to get this off my chest

Lillie....1 year old!!!

sorry to hear this mimmy

wheres your family to help you hunny
Oh Mimmy you poor thing.

There is help out there. Contact St Vincent De Paul society and Im sure they will help.. No one should have to go through what you are going through.

What about moving in with your parents for a while? Just to get back on your feet?
Hi Mimmy

I have been a single mum so I know how hard it is to cope. First thing you need to do is phone all the outstanding bill people and make arrangements to pay them off gradually. Most companies will readily agree to this because they want their money and if your honest with them they will usually help you out. Once this is done have an amount taken out each fortnight so your bills are not as high.

Lillie's dad should be paying child support and if he is not then contact the CSA and get them to do it.

Some of your bills you can have reduced because of being on a pension. Electricity is just one of them.

For your lack of furniture contact the Salvos or Vinnies and tell them he took everything and they can sometimes give you freebies to get started.

The main thing is don't be afraid to ask for help even when you feel too proud. Think about Lillie first and the deadbeat ex last.

It sounds as if his mum has a lot to answer for in his upbringing.

Hope this info helps


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I toally agree with Kazi.

Mimmy, he is not a great father. He left you with nothing, he left his daughter with nothing. You have to boil water in the saucepan he was so nice to leave you with. A real man and a loving father would NEVER do this to his child and the mother of his child.

Call your phone and electricity company, you are entitled to receive a discount because you are on the pension. You would also be entitled to Housing Commission if that is what you want. I would contact the Child Support Agency, you are entitled to 18% of your ex's income, they will automatically deduct it from his wages. YOU SHOULD NOT BE LIVING IN THESE CONDITIONS.

You did the right thing by asking him to leave. He is not going to change Mimmy. The fact he left his only child living like this makes me sick! From the tone of your post I think you want to take him back. DO NOT FALTER Mimmy, you and your daughter deserve better.

For company perhaps you can take Lillie to playgroup, see about joining a sole parents support group. Do you have a friend that you can move in with?

If you are in serious debt perhaps you should consider filing for bankrupcy. Mimmy, he does not care about your or your DD, no man would leave his child this way, poor, desperate and in a hopeless situation.

Be as strong as you can for your daughter Mimmy so that when she grows up she has a strong, independent and loving woman as a role model and not a doormat.
mimmy, the fact that he has left you and lillie with nothing digsusts me. he is NOT a good father if he's willing to let lillie (and by default, you) live in these conditions. he's not even a good person IMHO.

call the CSA to find out exactly what you are entitled to, financially. i'd also contact legal aid, as you may actually be able to get some of 'his' posessions (i dont know what your marital status WAS, but defacto is like marriage now.... you should be able to get half)

get onto your local charity for a christmas hamper. they give you food, and some pressies for lillie. it wont be enough food to get you through, but its a good start.

ring the power/water/gas companies and explain the situation. ask for payment extensions. also, when you contact legal aid, explain to them the outstanding bills, and he should have to pay half. that will be a bit of relief for you.

i know this sounds horrible, but lillie wont know what christmas REALLY is yet, so even if you only buy her 1, cheap pressie, she wont mind!

good luck with everything luv. if you want to chat, my email is [email protected] or my msn is [email protected]

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

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