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A baby has drowned in the Torrens Rss

Did anyone see this on the news they actually had footage of police trying to revive the baby. I had to leave the room so sad and scary.,22606,20931724-5006301,00.html

A FIVE-month-old baby plucked from the River Torrens this morning after his pram rolled away has died in hospital, police say.

The baby was initially revived by paramedics at the scene and taken to the Women's and Children's hospital but died this afternoon, hours after his rescue.

Details are sketchy but it is believed the baby was in a pram that rolled away when his mother stopped to answer her phone, about 9am. She told police she turned her back on the stroller to take down a number, and when she looked up her child had vanished.

She ran up the bike track and to the Hackney Rd bridge to flag down passing motorists for help.

Police arrived, alerted to a possible abduction. However, minutes later, as the search continued, the mother and another woman came across the stroller and the baby, which had been submerged in the water for up to 25 minutes.

Police officers attempted CPR and paramedics arrived minutes later, working on the baby for about 25 minutes.

Water Operations police, Holden Hill, Adelaide and Major Crime detectives are at the scene investigating.

The incident has not been declared suspicious, but police are following every possibility, including that a third party may have been involved.

"We are looking at an allegation of a third person involved in this," said chief inspector Mick Fisher of Holden Hill police.

"There is some information that we received that there was possible a third person involved in this matter - I cannot speculate on that other than to say the police are taking it seriously and are investigating those claims."

Police are asking for anyone who saw a woman pushing a red stroller along Linear Park between 8 and 10am to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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I know I just seen this on the news and it is a terrible accident. I would never understand the pain that the babys mother would be going through right now. My heart felt love and condolensces to mother and her family.

Little miss cranky pants : S

I have been following this story on the news today as i live in Adelaide.

The lady stopped to answer her phone and bent down to take a number down on her leg (weird?) and her pram disappeared.

The news were there almost immeadiatley as the place where it happened is directly next to the Channel 7 news studios/headquarters. The initial thought was that someone had kidnapped her baby and they showed on the news her saying that someone had kidnapped her baby and that she didn't know what to do. She was most likely trying to simply raise the alarm (the closest building to where it happened), and the police have seized all their footage for the investigation.

The baby (5month old boy) was strapped into the pram, and they discovered that it had rolled down the hill into the river. A passerby/witness also said on the report here that he thought maybe the baby had rolled down the hill towards the river but didn't want to suggest it incase he upset the woman or suggested negligence or the like.

The report showing the footage of them reviving the baby and also, the father rocking up and running down to the scene ripping off his jacket.

IN MY OPINION, i don't think this is very considerate or appropriate given the situation. Imagine if the extended family hadn't been notified? He was only pronounced as passed away at around 3.30-4pm today and i saw all this stuff on the news at 5pm.

My thoughts and prayers are with the parents and the family.

Things like this happen in seconds, and can happen to anyone. I guess you can never be certain and you should never let your children or your pram out your site.

If there was a 3rd party involved, i hope they find them and bring them to justice as nothing will bring that precious child back.... sad sad sad

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I just saw the footage again on tv, there is no way that the mum did it on sad.
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