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Mr Costello's IVF funding CUTS!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Well - where do I start with this one.

Firstly I must apologise - I am very passionate about IVF - cause I've been there!

But in last night's news and todays Brissie paper - apparently our poor federal government are running out of money and are cutting the IVF cycles to 3 per year for women under 42 and for women over 42 only ever 3 cycles.

This SUX!

When I started trying to get pregnant the govt had just changed this rule to unlimited number of cycles - it used to be only 6 cycles ever in a woman's life time could be funded by medicare and thanks to lots of passionate work and lobbying by IVF/Fertility groups the govt changed the rule to unlimited cycles.

Now they are changing it again. How can they promise us the "baby bonus" and as per good ol' Jonny Howards election speach "no stay at home mother will ever be punished under my government" - now they are limiting the cycles!

My heart bleeds for the poor govt -l NOT! I pay $210 bucks a month for private health insurance after the rebate and still get bugger all for what I pay!

I think the govt should think more about spending money in our country then cutting the medicare rebates/funding instead of giving our money to asian countries that support the death penalty!

Sorry for venting - but this subject is a passionate one for me - since I've been there - I cannot understand why they cut funding to us - when they think nothing of giving money to the asian countries who "cry poor mouth".

Yes I'm probably going to recieve a backlash for this post - so go right ahead - I'm listening!
I'm hearing you loud & clear. IVF is also something I am passionate about - been there 2. It baffles us how they can give a billion dollars away when the health system in aust is shot to pieces. No back lash from me

Lisa,NSW, mum of 3

lisa - thanks - i was prepared to be told off with this topic!

Hi Tricia and Lisa,

Are these cuts for public IVF? Is it different for private IVF? Do they have a cut off limit? I just wished I'd been in the safety net when I did IVF, I did it thru private.


Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003

Hi Sue - as far as I know there is no public IVF. You have to go through the recognised IVF clinics here in Brisbane, I believe that is the case for all of Australia. You can still do it if you don't have private health insurance but it will cost you several thousands out of pocket - Medicare gives back very little without or without private health insurance.

oh and I believe the cut backs are across the board the only difference being the age of the woman as to who many cycles she will be allowed.

In Melbourne there is Melbourne IVF (private) and then Monash IVF (public) I did it all a couple of years ago. I ended up having the egg pickup and embryo transfer done at Royal Womens (public) as that was the dates and times my specialist had anyway. I had actually prefered the nursing staff at the public than the private!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003

Sue - thats intersting - because here in Brisbane I don't think there is any public IVF - hmmm shall ask around about that one.

Sue - were your cycles are success?
Hi Tricia,

Yes, it was successful. I am one of the lucky ones. I had 2 miscarriages (naturally conceived) and then nothing. I did the FSH drugs for 6 months and we did artifical insemination without any lucky. Then started "THE WORKS".....We got 18 eggs and 10 successful embryos. We had 2 put in and now we have 18 month old twins.

I wish it was that 'easy' for everyone, mind you it was a huge emotional and physical know what I mean by easy!!!!!!!!!

How about you?


Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003


We have been trying for 7 years since we got married.

I did a ivf cycle two years ago and had two put back and two frozen. This cycle didn't work - then we had a break and last march had our two frozen's put back but alas did not work.

We had previous done simple inseminations which didn't work either - also had the full gamut of drugs too!

So after being so dreadfully upset last March when frozen cycle didn't work - my Dr's secretary said come back and do an insemination and I'll only charge you the medicare cheq - no gap!

I thought what the hell. That was 5 and 6 April last year. I had given up and thought well it hasnt worked before so why should it now. So in the two weeks I had to wait for the preg test we had the easter weekend and I had a ripe old good time drank about 6 bottles of champers over that weekend and got very very drunk.

One week later was supposed to go on the Wednesday for the test - got the usual period pains and the monday and by the tuesday I thought - I'll do it and then when it doesn't work I'll get off the train and buy a bottle of rum.

Well I didn't get to buy that bottle of rum did I! - my test was positive and now he's here and life has been so hectic, tired, frustrating etc etc - but you know what - it really does change you - I prayed for so long and now I'm someone's mum!


LOL - now I've just gotta work on hubbie for number 2.
Hi Tricia,

I just can't drink rum!!!!!!!!!! Vodka, Wine girl myself.

I remember the Saturday the embryo's alias Madeline and Thomas, were transferred. Bizarre, was pregnant but not really. Decided to be a fatalist and continued to smoke and drink and then had the 28 day blood test. Thought it was positive. Went to the in laws holiday house and got the good news call.

They told me my levels were high. By 6 weeks I was in maternity clothes and was very suspicious. My 7 week scan showed the embryos were successful and then it was full steam ahead!!!!

Now we are faced with the ethical dilemma of the frozen embryos. We have 5 years to decide what to do with them. At the moment we are just paying the storage costs. Its good as my hubby and I are both agreeing we are finished. Too old, too tired!!!!

Good luck for No. 2. I bite my tongue when I hear discussions on how to conceive boy or girl. Just be bloody thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003


Yes I don't get into the "sex" discussion - I was just happy to have one.
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