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My son turns 2 next month. He loves music. Just like to know if there is any music dvd out there. He has Hi-5, Wiggles - he only enjoys the music section. I would like to get him a dvd with just music - not sure if there is one out there. Any recommendations highly appreciated.

Caroline Springs

My boys are the has to be song after song or they get bored. I bought an ABC DVD called A-Z of kids songs. It is only singing and on the screen it has puppets acting out to the songs. It also has subtitles to all the songs so you can sing along. It is quite good. Some of the songs i had never heard of before and some are old favs like Old mac Donald.
Another couple of good music DVDS are Playschool Nursery Ryhmes..heaps of singing and acting. There is a couple of craft segments and a story but it still keeps them amused. Another is called Sesame Streets Kids favourite songs. Heaps of singing and a nice little story line with Elmo.


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