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Nine axing Young and the Restless Rss

I am ambsolutley mad with chanell 9. I have heard they are axing Young and the Restless. I have been watching this show since i was a teeneager and now that i am a stay at home mum this is my only break. How could they do this! I cannot afford Foxtel. What can all the fans do?

Caroline Springs

i know i cannot believe this.although have only started watching again since had baby girl and only see about 3 times a week try for more it is so much more real than stupid days of our lives.i love to sit down at 2pm whenbaby girl is sleeping my son is at preschool have a cup of tea this is also my daily break loving the story lines at the moment and look fwd to .i was just in shock last night when i found this out.i dont watch anything else in my whole day apart from p..d off.i could never get into days of our lives honestly nothing changes in that program the whole hope and whats his name and also sammi austin etc stories are so yes what can we do.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

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