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hello how r u all going im doing my cert 111 in childcare and my first assessment task it asks me to ask other mums to describe there day and night time sleep and rest pattern and ive done 2 children and i need 1 more,,,,,, this is what i wrote about my daughter When Maddison wakes up in the morning she will normally sit in her cot quietly playing with her toys or jumps around in her cot,Maddison then gets louder and cry’s out for someone to get her up for her morning bottle and breakfast. Shortly after lunch Maddison has her afternoon nap which is usually around 1.30pm Maddisons not a big fan of day naps so they don’t usually go for long, when she wakes up she normally is grumpy and cry’s until you get her up and play with her.Maddison usually sleeps through the night, unless she has a bad nightmare or is ill,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if someone could help me that would be great thanks all kylie

kylie 1 yr old daughter central coast nsw

Not sure what you are after, but here is some info on our almost 2 year old:

When DD wakes up in the morning around 7am, she yells 'mummy I'm awake', gradually getting louder and louder until I get her. She hasn't worked out how to climb out of her cot, although we will be making the transition to a single bed soon. DD is pretty active which is good because it means she has a decent day time nap. She will have 2-3 hours sleep after her lunch (approx 12-2pm). DD 9 times out of 10 wakes up on the right side of the cot (AKA in a good mood). We usually have cuddles for half an hour or so, including a little snack - then she is right to cause havok - lol. DD has been sleeping through the night since she was 10 months old (woo hoo). We start her bed time routine about 6.30pm, with her being asleep by 7.15pm (approx).

Does that help any? Good luck with your assignment. The first is usually the worst, I'm sure you will kick butt !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

What the h*ll, I'll help you out!!

Levi is 2yrs and 1mth and has just gone into a bed from his beloved cot - (tonight is his 3rd night). Today he got up at 7.15am (normal time) and toddled into our room where he climbed into bed for a cuddle with us. Shortly after that his nearly 4yr old sister climbed in too after she woke. We all were in bed for about 10mins and then we all got up and had breakfast. Kids were dressed and hair done to sit & watch Bambaloo and then Playschool. Luka goes to kindy Thurs arvos at 1pm, so after lunch, Levi & I took her to kindy, and came home for Levi to have a bottle and go to sleep. He would normally be in bed by 12.30pm and sleep for around 3hrs, but today he was asleep by 1.30pm and I woke him at 3.10pm to go to kindy to pick Luka up. Bath time 5pm, read a story together or sit & play nicely (thats the idea!! and usually the bath settles them both enough for it to happen) after they're dressed and organised, and then dinner was at 6.30pm. Brush teeth and into bed with his bottle by 7.15pm - 7.30pm. Asleep by 7.30pm tonight with NO getting out of his bed!! He sleeps all night unless he wakes up cold or with a very wet nappy which is rare these days.

Hope this is OK!!

(Luka's story is very much the same, without the arvo sleep and without the bottle!!)
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