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Biggest Looser Lock Rss

Any-one else right into this years series?

I'm totally over Laura, what a [email protected]@dy sook !!!!

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Yeah, but I hate that Commando. The contestants agreed to do anything on the show but I think that guy is an over-the-top luvvo! I got angry watching him. Humiliation is not an effective tool to help someone. Apart from that, I'm glad Gerard is gone but sad P'eta went. I thought she was going to be one of the finalsits for some reason!
Did you see the ad???? They show Alex (the first contestant) and indicate he has lost stacks since leaving the house. Then they say "What's in store for the Blue team on weigh in night?" and Munnalita's jaw hits the floor......

Maybe he comes back and joins their team?
I am so thrilled Damo came 3rd in the Super Challenge !!!

Geeze, I wonder who will get a black shirt.

Seeing there are 2 blokes and 1 girl in the final 3, I assume Chris will make it and either Marty, Damo or Micheal. As for which chick - that will be interesting...

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I get the feeling from what they showed of the next episode that the girl could be Kimberlie. Also, did you see how shocked Chris looked and that little grin Kimberlie had when she was talking about karma? I was thrilled that Damo made it. How nice was Courtney to tell him what the first answer was!

I wondered that too. Whats going to happen lately seems so obvious, like Greg loosing that challenge - you could have picked that a mile away from the way they filmed it.

I did see how shocked Chris was and how unhappy Patti looked. Kimberley is loosing big numbers and has a lot of weight to shift, so she may well beat the other girls.

From the spoiler earlier on, there are 2 boys and 1 girl in the final so I think Chris will loose a lot of weight - he looks really skinny now, plus worked his butt off. I don't really like him, but he has certainly shed those pounds.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I am so glad Damien got the last white shirt.

I think it will be close for the one that gets the black shirt but i think unfortunatly Damien wont because he would have to pull a really big number to beat the other boys.

I recon it will either be Michael or Marty that get through but you never know Damien and Gerard have been working hard so they might pull it off.

I think you might be right about Kimberly doing really well

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I'm hoping Marty will make it and be the final three - regardless of the outcome his nickname should be "phoenix"
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I am really looking forward to tonights episode. I really hope it is Damo that makes it!

Geeze, they all lost a lot of weight this week.

I have a feeling its bye bye Kimberley, although the boys might see Pati as more of a competitor.

Interesting !!!

Marty certainly has 9 lives doesn't he.

Any-one know when the final (reveal) is?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

How many times can marty leave and come back LOL!
I agree that it is probably Kimberlie that is going tonight. Even though Pati is more cometative, Kimberlie just has so much more weight to lose. How much more can Chris lose!

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