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Biggest Looser Lock Rss

Wow tonight will be a great show. I think Munnalita will go as she really is a threat to those guys.

Marty is really giving me the [email protected]%s, the way he is acting. I so hope he doesn't win the series.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

Hey girls,
I hope Munnalita goes tonight she annoys me, she seems fake nice which I hate. If Chris loses anymore weight he'll look like a skeleton, he is getting too skinny. I really like Patty and Marty, I hope Marty wins.
I mainly jumped on to have a brag about Shannan, I went to the gym this morning for a cycle class , and he was the instructor!! Hot! Hot! Hot stuff, Most of the girls including myself only took that specific class because he was doing it. He was walking around the class turning everyones tention up on their bikes saying 'Come On Work It Baby!' , and I was thinking Yeah I'd like to work you , you hot thing.
Anyway until next time see ya!

Woo hoo Katzack you lucky thing.

I'd take that class too knowing he was the trainer, I bet that gym has had a big jump in memberships? Was the class full?

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

The class was full and atleast 5 other people couldn't get a spot in the class. If you live near Fitness first St. leonards you should go.
Shannan makes it worth it. And my husband thinks I just want to get fit!!!

Mum O Cheeky I agree with you about Marty. He is annoying the crap out of me and has done for most of the show. Something about his smat alack (sp?) ways that I dont like. Not really sure who I want to win (I liked Damian and Mel), would be happy for one of the girls to win I think.

It was a little sad to see Moanalitta go, only because if she had of been smart and kick Pati out when she had the chance, she could have been in the final 3 and probably won the show.

She looks fantastic as a size 12, just amazing. I think she will easily get to 60kg for the reveal.

Chris confuses me, is he really that nieve or is he super calculating? I feel sorry for him, he has no personality at all.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I agree with everything you just wrote Kazi! I feel a bit sad for Moanalita. I don't see Pati dropping the big numbers on the outside when she never could on the inside. I do hope I'm wrong.

ooooh thankyou I'm in WA so I haven't seen it yet. I think Pati has what it takes, really hoping a girl wins this one wouldn't it be nice!!!!

"jill of all trades"

Did any-one else see the shocked look on Chris's mums face when he got home? I wonder if that is because he just looks so gaunt and sickly. I think I'm just being nasty now, maybe he is a nice bloke and the show portrayed him incorrectly...

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I reckon that she thought he looked sick. It was more of an oh my gosh, you look unwell face than an oh my gosh you look so good face! Munnalita did look great at size 12, I think that she could have won if she had played a bit smarter. Oh well, can't wait to find out who does win!
Thats what I thought too. I'd be shocked if I was his mum.

I can't wait either, sounds silly being a grown woman getting so excited about a TV programme - what has motherhood done to me.


DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Is it just me or does it annoy the hell out of anyone else when ajay goes "it's time to cut the fat". arghhh. So glad I wont be hearing that again! It might have been slightly amusing the first time she said it but after 2 seasons it's grating. Next season get a new line. And preferably a new song. Enough Lift already.


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