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mum of 3 - 4y/o girl & 10 wk old twin girls Lock Rss

hi im new to this!! i am 25 and have 3 beautiful girls- T'nee age 4 1/2 and the twins - Harriett & Mackenzie 10 wks. i am really wanting to chat to and get advise from any1 with twins. it is a fabuolusly rewarding job but also probably the hardest as well!!! any1 with twins will understand, also any1 with twins and other children too!!!
i dont really want any specific advise, just some advise would be great. also stories!!!!
can't wait to hear from you
lee11 from victoria

vic,5y/old& 9mth old twins

Hi there congratulations, My name is Di and I have 5yr old twins boy-girl and a 7 month old boy. I live in SA. I would be more than welcome to share some tips and or stories about the twins side of things. If you wish to email me direct you'll find my email addy under communities SA. Well good luck and dont be afraid to ask anyone for help or ideas whats so ever.

Take care and hope to hear from you Di
Hi there,

My name is Karen and I have a 5 yo boy and 2 yo identical twin girls. The first year was the hardest with the twins but it really truelly gets heaps better and easier. My biggest advice for a mother of twins is to do everything at the same time (ie. feed, sleep, bath). If one twin woke during the night for a feed I would wake the other twin and make her have a feed too. This kept the twins in the same routine and I wasn't waking an hour later to feed the other twin. IT WAS BOTH OR NOTHING! Same with their naps. I know it's hard waking a sleeping baby but I was very strict with this rule (someone gave me the same advice) and I am now reaping the rewards.

My other piece of advice is to know your limitations. It's not easy getting around with twins and an older sibling so don't feel pressured to do the things your other friends are doing. They don't have twins and cannot understand how hard it can be. Only another mother of twins knows what you're going through so be kind to yourself! Everyone does things differently and not everything will works for your babies but if you need a sanity chat or just need to hear what another mother of twins is doing, you are more than welcome to contact me.

Hope this is of some help!

Good luck, Karen.
thanks so much for the advise, i have been doing eveything with them together but was wondering if that was a good idea. i really should just listen to my instincts hey!!!!! my twins are now 13 wks and sleeping 10 to 12 hrs a night!!!( 1st nite xmas nite - greatest gift they could give us!!), at last i am finally feeling slightly human again. its nice to know it does get easier, even though ive got my other daughter everything seems SO different with the twins.
i would love to hear more stories, remedies on things like teething starting solids etc. thanks again karen, i& i hope your children are all doing well

vic,5y/old& 9mth old twins

Hi Lee, I'm 25 and have 3 1/2 yr old boy/girl twins and it is wonderful. There are a few things that might be a little more difficult but it's doubly rewarding. It's definitely a good idea to talk to others with twins and people with singletons don't quite understand, even if their children are 9 mths apart it's still not the same. Anytime you want to chat you can contact me on [email protected] Hope to hear from you!
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