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Chinese Gender Prediction Chart Lock Rss

I have tried this before, and it says that I had a girl, but I definetly had a boy smile


Liam Evan, 2

Just had a lokk at it. IT was right for the first, boy, but told me my second was a girl. After changin his nappy for the last 7 months, i'm pretty sure he's a boy (or there is something REALLY wrong with me!!LOL

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Okay, try explaining this - according to the chart, I was going to have a boy. I had girl/boy twins...I can just see smoke coming out of the "computer" as the chart tried to compute that info. LOL.

I guess it was 50% correct. LOL, and the sonographer did tell us we were having two boys!

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

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