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giving credit to stay at home mums/dads Lock Rss

Hi all,

i'm a single mum of a 2yr old lil boy Adam. i love him dearly but i honestly pull my hair out spending a week with him stuck at home!!

i went back to studying this year (4days pw) and recently had to stay home with him for just over a week after a bout of athsma attacks. I found it so hard and dont know how i used to do it as i was pulling my hair out by day 4.

So i just like to take this time to give credit to those fulltime stay at home parents!!!! you must have a lot of patients!!!!!


I'm a SAHM and before I start, I am not knocking anyone, whether SAHMs or working mums. I just thought I'll tell you about a conversation I had with my oldest sister the other day.

My sister had her kids in her 20's just when her career was starting to take off, so she went back to work after each of her 4 kids were born. I had mine later (at 37) after doing the career thing. Anyway, I was telling her all about what the kids were doing, all the new tricks they were learning etc, then said, "well, I guess I don't have to tell you all about this as you have already gone through it 4 times before." She replied, 'Well, not really as I was working and missed most of it. I now wonder if it was worth it." I felt a bit sad for her as I know I enjoyed sharing every experience with the kids.

As I said before- I'm not saying one is better than the other as everyone's circumstances are very different. But thank you very much for giving us the credit - I think working mums should be recognised too - having to work and come home and do everything as well. LOL.

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

I have been a stay at home mum for 14yrs I had a daughter at 18 & now have 2 boys so it is very rewarding but then it has its downside with little or no adult conversation so thanku to those people out there that do now how hard it is & for all the people that missed out just think of why u did it then u will feel a bit better

Nicole, Qld, 18yr, 7yr, 4yrs

I have to admit, It is really hard for me to live off my husband and not bring in an income....makes me feel guilty. Especially buying anything for myself. I know that he has the easier end of the stick and gets to sleep through the night ect. I am just use to working and having some independence. So for this reason and to see my work buddies more often i word love to go back to work a couple of days a week. hmmmm but then i look down at my lap to see my gorgeous bubba looking up at me, and i think that i always want to be here for her and couldn't leave her. So far she is winning me over with her big blue eyes, I guess i am just not ready to take that next step and go back to work yet. I have to admit that the mornings and during the days seem to be when babies are at there best. So i would miss out on seeing that if i went back to work. But I stand corrected in 6mth-1yrs time if she is driving me batty:)

Lynda, Qld, Emma-3yrs, Chloe-10mths

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