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Hi everyone,

My son is turning 2 in a month and i am starting to plan his b'day party. I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do. Last yr was easy as he wasn't even walking yet and we just had a few close friends and family. This year i really want to make it special for him. I have decided to have his party at home as we have a huge back yard and a big covered pergola. There will be a few young kids comming but mainly adults. Does anyone have any idea's or can you tell me what you did for your childs 2nd b'day??


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Hi Larnie, We held my daughter's 2nd birthday party at the local park and invited 2 of her friends and the rest was family. She loves the park and can't get enough of it so all she was interested in was playing on the swings and eating her birthday cake. She thought it was great because she had aunts and uncles to play in the park with her - 100% attention from everyone she loves!.....Good luck

Hi LArnie

My son's 2nd birthday party is on Sunday. We've invited family (I'm one of 7 and my siblings all have children, aged from 17 to 3 months) and his god parents. We've also invited one friend whose son goes to the same cheche as Xander, and they play together all the time.

We're having it at home (weather n Melbourne in June sucks, so no parks for us!!) and i've specified a 'light lunch'. Everybody is bringing something with them, it's how we do every family fuction because trying to feed 19 adults and 15 kids is very expensive!!

I've painted a large Eeyore and laminated him (I'm a teacher so have all the resources at my fingertips) for pin the tail on the donkey. We'll also play musical chairs and have pass the parcel. I think 3 games are enough at this age. Even though some of the kids will be too little, their big cousins are fantastic at helping.

Other than the games, we have TONNES of toys so they wont have time to get bored! We also have a friend who belongs to a toy library and she's brought over a few things for the kids to play with. We have our own car, but she's lent us a boat and indoor slide to name but a couple.

I'm making a pooh bear cake for Xander (he can't get enough of him at the moment). I found a picture of pooh bear that i like and blew it up to the correct size. I'm only using packet cake mixes to make the whole thing easier.

We've decided that this will be his last 'family' party. By 3 he'll be able to select a couple of little friends that he wants to share his day with, at the moment he doesn't really care.

You could always play musical statues, with the adults included. I've found that it's normally the adults who want to get into everything and have a bit of fun!

Good luck organising everything!

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