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Don't like new forum!!! Lock Rss

i think i'll wait to pass judgement too..

my only quibble is i can't find the "my posts" where i can read the posts i follow regularly i hope they bring it back..

maybe its gotton too sophisticated too quick we really need fancy colours! plus my details keep showing i have 2 kids not 1!

only time will tell i guess!!!

Im going to wait until its finished to give my total opinion but at the moment i like it

The colours are great and i like the new lay out

It is driving me a bit crazy thats its slow but hopefully once its done it will be fixed

There is a my posts thing in the green box on the left and that shows you your recent posts.
Bring back the my forums link I say!

Huggies Mum abroad!

i really liked the old forum and am not much of a fan of this one. its too confusing!! i used to come on here most days and now i cant be really bothered cos its talking so long to work out. hopefully we will all get the hang of it soon!!

I dont like it either! Takes too long to load and hard to get around!I dont efen think i wanna come on here anymore!
i am knew to the forum but i used to go and read all the stuff on the old forum and got some good tips from it and i joined this new forum and it seems to be very slow when you try to go to a thread. i will wait and see if it gets better
I dont know if its just my comp or not, but iv noticed the pages are taking a LONG time to load up. Its not happening on other websites, only the huggies forums... grrrr

I love my babies .....

Its taken me ages to fugure out how to reply, log in etc, so I ended up rejoining.

Not overly impressed, but they are trying to make it better, so have to be happy with that.
I dont have a problem with pages loading, luckily.
I liked the "my forums" part where you had all your forums there in front of you, now i have to search each one for my topic. AND i used to get the threads emailed to me.. how can i do this again?? It is a little frustrating working this new layout out.

Jack 27/5/06.

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