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Don't like new forum!!! Lock Rss

Me neither, it's so slow and we've got broadband! Took me ages to figure out how to sign in and still haven't got it sorted properly! Bring back the old one LOL


I dont think my post worked? It took so frikkin long to post...Hopefully just teething problems, and the forum will be quicker once things settle down.
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH Where's my user name gone LOL Think i might have to change it LOL


Ohhhh my goodness. NOT HAPPY JAN. Just toooooo Slow. Bring back the old forum. Hopefully things speed up.
Hi sjanee,

I'm in the august 07 thread too... its kinda still there, but you can only see the first three posts from december!! On the big threads there is no way to scroll through and look at all the pages... I think it might be a design fault! You know at the bottom of the old pages, where you could jump to a particular page... they just need to put that back there, so we can see it! I've posted in it already, but I dont' think anyone can read it!! its a totally pain in the (**&^^^%^%$

I wish they had of checked it all before they launched it!

I don't like it either, too damn slow........
and where are my topics that i have posted in? gonna take me ages to find them.
Just worked out that if you go the the green box on the left titled 'My Forum Details' and click on My Posts you can track any threads that you have participated in.

i think this new forum was a waste of time and i like the other one better, please bring the old one back
I am on dial up and this is just really bad!!! I really enjoyed coming here before but now I don't know if I'll bother as it all just takes too damn long open & trying to distinguish between messages and the headers in amongst the purple bars is just too hard!!
Maybe they should have selected a board of people to test the new look first!!
I HATE this new forum!!! It is soooooooooooooooooooooo slow. And I don't like the layout. Is anyone happy!!????!!

I am on cable broadband (pages load in the blink of an eye) - and this site is just too bloody slow!!!!!!!!!!

What's the go???

I signed in okay - but the speed of download is terrible (obviously for dialup and broadband).

The old site was much more user friendly.
Argh i hate this new forum so bloody slowwwwwwww and i cant find any of my threads sad
Where have the smiley's gone sad
Does any one know if we can track our posts or something??

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