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Don't like new forum!!! Lock Rss

I just read the Welcome post, and L is aware of the probs...Im sure once its all fixed it will be fine. Things should speed up once it all settles down.
there is a note up the top from the m0ds that explains why it is so slow.

i dont mind it, it has a lot of good new features, i also like the product suggestion section.

its only been up for a few hours we have to give it a chance
Has anyone found there OLD posts/threads???

My problems:

- toooo slowwwww
- no tracking of threads / forums (just your posts which brings up too many items)
- why doesn't it remember you when you check the remeber me box on Sign is
- why are only the first couple of posts from long running threads showing (you can still see your own posts in "My Posts").

At least I kept my username.
Hope it settles down.

I agree!!! It's soooo slow, but hopefully it will speed up once they and we get used to the new look forum!! Not that impressed with it either!

Though i was lucky enough to keep my username!! I didn't realise some ppl had to get new ones!!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

i hate it sad they got rid of the thread i had been posting in for over a year and im all confused and lost!!! bring back the old one please!!!

I reckon it will be great once all the data tranfer is done. Like any new site they will have to iron out the bugs. I love the way we can quote and use colour and bold and underline stuff. Hopefully it will make it easier for people to convey the right tone or feelings behind their posts!


I would be happy if I could get my old username back!!

Well i like it, im sure if we give it time it will get better, we just have to get used to a new thing. I also think they have kept it resonably simple

one great thing is you can now type huggies without it going to the m0ds

havent tried any other words yet
Hi, its good to be back yaaay!!! I'm not too fussed on the new f0rum either, but i'm just glad [email protected]@ies is back!!! smile

I have just joined the Huggies Forum today and I quite like the new layout. I had accessed the old forum a few times previously but I am quite impressed with the new forum.

I have to agree that it is a bit slow but I think once things are finalised things will run a lot smoother.

Can't wait to start a Huggies family with you all.


Me, DH, DS, DD.

I hate it and i cant find the thread for people due middle to late april sad not happy at all takes soooo freaking long to load and get everything done

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