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Don't like new forum!!! Lock Rss

I'll give it a while, but my initial impression is aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh smile

@};- Shell, NSW, Guy (10.11.05)-;{@

I hate it! cant find all my original post i was in, cant follow where to go!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr im so frustrated right now...i dont even like the layout! and its so slow to load through everything!

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I agree completely, it is too slow, and you cant track old posts. If you go to my posts, it shows you what you have written, but then if you try to track it back or see if there are replies (which was easy on the old forum) you only get the first three replies, then i have no idea how you get the rest of the comments for each topic. I don't like it, and i am usually a person who gives new things a go. If i can't work out how to see the replies to old posts, i don't know if i will bother, because i really liked the "chat" element of the old forum. I hope someone from the website is reading these posts!!!

I hate it its soo slow and my computer is normally slowso its extra slow!!!!

hi elly and mel, it's like i can hear you guys but can't see you. I am in a cyber bubble and have no idea how to get out, this is just to much for me, but i am glad i found a couple of gals that are familiar to me.(there are probably more but had to change their names) goodness, i feel so old not knowing how to figure this thing out..
Hmmmmm... I dunno yet. It could be really awsome with a little tweaking here and there, but ITS SO SLOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. OMG I could have cleaned the bathrooms, fed the dog and put on a load of washing just waiting to get into the [email protected]@dy forums! AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH OUR SMILIES????????????????????????

yeah i don't think i'm overly keen on the new huggies forum. i'm getting lost. oh and how do u make it so it emails u when someone replies to the post? surely u don't have to go check to post every time to see if there's a reply......?

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I will say it again - the old site was more "user friendly".
if you want my opinion...

its slow, i dont like it and bring back old easy to understand f0rum!!!!!!

Brodie 8/10/05 Fletcher 10/02/08

Just testing to see what my user name is =D I can't seem to see it anywhere & I have no idea how anything works!!

OK PeppaPig still =)
[Edited on 13/04/2007]

Oh Nooey, has our thread disappeared ?! i will not be impressed if it has !!!! Also i dont know if anyone else has asked this but why cant we see how many times a thread has been 'viewed' and also cant we track threads thru email anymore ?!?

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

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