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Don't like new forum!!! Lock Rss

i dont like it at all
its really hard to follow!

not very user friendly what so ever.
i liked it the old way

i dont know if i'll come back to this one now sad
i cant find anything

i'll stick to i think
much more user friendly smile

Kellie~ DS Rylan Jonathon 24/12/06 Ezekiel Arthur

again....the old forum was more user friendly.
I dont know if i like it or not.... Might take a few days to get the hang of it.

Hmmmmmm, I understand it's slow because there still tweaking it but I do not like it! Nope not one bit!

So many questions, these just off top of my head:

Q1- How can we tell if anyones online/offline?
Q2- How do we track threads were participating in?
Q3- Where the h*ll have our smilies gone!?
Q4- Why was I not informed via email from the huggies team that the forum was up and running again! This personnelly really ticked me off big time!!! I only found out through a fluke about hour go! ( So been missing everyone and was clawing at walls to get back on here have a squizzy and a chat grin )
Q5- How does it go from 95'000 (approx)members to 396,692 bl00dy members?
Q6- Wheres the so called new "security"?
Q7- Who's got time to fiddle around with codes to use fancy colours fonts etc... We just wanna chat ffs!
Q8- Whats with the hard to read messages, it hurts my eyes! Signatures really need to be purple like our usernames to stand out from messages.
Q9- Can we still get replies sent via email to posts we might be tracking etc...
Q10- Will this my first ever post on new site get delivered with no probs I wonder?

Look reading back I sound quiet b!tchy sorry :} ,just really disappointed and liked the old site ALOT better! Please blame PMS had AF for well over 2wks now! Grrrrrr Owww Owww!

Well I'm going to bed, can't be bothered looking round here so so sooo tired Zzzzzzzz

Hey! Maybe I'll wake up in morning and realise this "new" site was all just a bad dream! lol wink

Nite everyone

Ps) Was just wondering if any mummies "asked" for this new site? like someone said previously "If it ain't broke, Don't fix it!"

Pps) The only things I would of liked in a new forum would have been a photogallery and better security so we can share phone numbers address etc.....

I think because it is being so slow (although it is being pretty quick for me at the moment but it is 2am) we are not able to flick through as we usually would.

Personally i dont see that there that much different to the old one.

you click on the post, you press reply, you can use the things at the top to go back. i also love the bit at the bottom where you can skip directly to another section without having to go home first and then through the section.

Personally i think this one is better, it is much easier to read the posts on a white backgroud rather than blue writing on a blue background.

security wise, it was always going to be a public forum, at least now we have private messaging, we can change our username, and we can edit our post so if we accidemtily put somwthing on there that we didnt want to we can change it. You might notice there is also a block function and a quick way to contact the m0ds. Apart from makind it a private site (which you will still get weirdos loging into) i really dont know what else they could do

so we lost the smilies, now we have fancy writing and colours. and as for the extra members, i would say it has something to do with the fact that we are in the main huggies site now and it is probably the total members of the site and not just the forum members anymore.

I really hope you guys give this a chance, it hasnt even been up for 24 hours yet so everything isnt going to be perfect, and im sure as it speeds up and we all help each other around the site we will all get used to it and enjoy it as much as the other one
I am new to the site so I don't know what the old one was like but this site is so slow sad

Hope I get to like it.

Nikki smile
I'll have to have a good look round before I decide wither way - I agree looks so different but I havent had a problem speed wise yet.

Love the hot Mummas on the front page though *wink*

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi, This is Hails81.... well used to be.LOL

This is a bit of a joke, I can't change my username, or put my signature in, plus I can't go into any posts except the hot topics.
I tried last night and again today. They had been working on this for months- you'd think they would get it sorted out.
A lot of the site links (not on forum) also are down at the moment.
Plus it says someone is already using my username... what the? No one could have taken it that fast.

Hope it gets fixed soon. Then we can all get used to te new system too.
Just testing the clolours and stuff. [color=Option]value[/color]Lalalalalala [color=Option]value[/color][u]value[/u]DADADADADADA [list]value[/list][b]value[/b]LALALlalalalLAL
ok well it didnt work lol.
Wounder how u use them??

One more try lol...


[color=Purple]ok well it didnt work lol.[/color]
Wounder how u use them??

One more try lol...



[color=Green]Sweet well i worked out the colour!![/color] [i]And the italic!![/i] [color=Blue][u]What about underline and colour?[/u][/color] [color=Orange]she said.[/color] [quote]He looked so cute fast asleep[/quote] The list went on and on [list]Love[/list] [list]Hate[/list] [list]Cuddle[/list] [list]Kiss[/list]
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