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Don't like new forum!!! Lock Rss

god im smart! HAHA!!!
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i agree im not happy with the new forum set up either.. i cant find any of the posts i have contributed to and its really really slow. i thought it was just my internet connection until i saw all these posts. The old system was so much easier..

Mummys Angel Charlotte is 20 months

Ive got only 1 thing to say about this stupid new forum..... IT SUX!!!!!!!! Bring the oldie back.

cassie,NSW,mum of 2

Im still trying to work it all out. its so different...
I think there are some things missing that we used to like, but overall it's really not that different to the old one, so I can't see what everyone is complaining about.

We all shouted for tighter security, we can't see it but i bet it's there otherwise they wouldn't have bothered to get a new forum. We all shouted for an area to have private conversation, we got private messaging so that we can share our private details.

Some of us have lost our old usernames but we haven't lost who we are.

I think we should create a suggestions for the new forum post rather than a I hate it post.

My first impression is good rather than bad, it needs some refinement but I like it.
I'm going to see how it feels then give my opinioun. It looks better but everything seems harder....oh well

joshua 21/10/01 Samuel 03/12/06

I am finding it terribly slow. Don't like that fact that posts are no longer in date order and why have most of the previous posts gone missing???? Also I useto tick that I wanted posts about a particular topic emailed to me - can't seem to find this function on the new website. For such a big website they really do have a lot of things to improve now (particularly the speed). Don't think I will be on here very much anymore it it takes this long to look through the emails and then trying to find what is new just takes forever. Not happy!


Also why did we all have to change our user names? I was Jul now I am JND350???? I sound like some sort of whitegood!


I dont like it so far, it is SOOOO SLOW! It will probably take some time to get used to the new format but I liked the other one, it was a nice simple layout and easy to jump between all topics. Maybe its teething problems it being so slow but its very annoying.
I agree with you guys on it being slow, i have broadband and am use to having it fast. Another thing, i liked the old forum too and at least you knew who was from where
I dont like it either. You won't be seeing me back here until its changed. Sorry Huggies but this was a bad bad move.
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